Sunday, 9 May 2010

My MAC Eyeshadows

Hello Everyone!

OK so this is my first EVER blog post... excited?! I am! This is a whole new world for me so please be patient as my editing is likely to be atrocious!

This isn't a proper blog post at all really so I'm probably getting you all excited for no reason. However, I recently uploaded a video about my MAC eyeshadow palettes and promised to post the pictures here so...

Here they are!

Hope you enjoy... and hope they show up!? I'm just learning to use my boyfriends camera so fingers crossed these turn out OK. Have a click on them to see their fully 'glory' haha

The first is my Neutral palette (both with and without flash)

And secondly... my 'colour' palette - ok so I know I have a limited range of colours, but if I don't wear them then what's the point in buying the things?! So here you are:

If you'd like to watch me rambling at length about these lovely shades then check out my YouTube channel HERE

Let me know if you have any suggestions for future purchases! What are your fave shades?!

Fleur x



  1. I love all the colours! :) x

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  3. Hey Fluer!
    I can't believe I'm (well, now almost) the first to comment!!! :P
    I've been folowing your youtube channel ever since day one, and I'm happy to see you expanding yourself on the web! ;)
    Anyway, just wanted to say good luck, I'm sure you'll rock this blog thing! =) xx

  4. Hello! I love all the colours, and the swatches are really good!


  5. They're all lovely colours! I've just started building up my Mac palettes and all of them are very neutral too :) xx

  6. Oooh I really do need electric eel!

  7. Great swatches hun! Very good job :)
    Keep them coming!
    Tonia xx

  8. ooh gorgeous colours!! i love neutrals sooooo your palette is right up my alley!! et tu, bouquet was one colour I wanted to get, but didn't!!!! seriously regretting it now because it looks so beautiful swatched!!! xx

  9. great first post! love the swatches of the eyeshadows :) xx

  10. Awesome post! I love the swatches (: Seriously considering Club, because it looks gorgeous, and you rave about it (:

  11. Great colours, love the neutrals! May have to purchase some soon, only just subscribed to your Youtube channel, but loving the vids!

  12. Great colours.. awesome post
    I loved the beautiful Iris i would def. purchase it.
    Congratulation with your new blog

    xx Sarah1627

  13. Good luck with the new blog, sure it will be fab!!xx

  14. ohmygosh i'm so happy you got a blog! you are my favourite youtuber :) I entered your mac giveaway with woodwinked as the eyshadow pot but then i watched your video and entered a couple more times with patina! anyway, thanks so much for holding the contest, it is really generous of you!
    xxxx Olenka
    if anyone would like to check out my blog, it would mean a lot :)

  15. Yay, you are blogging!! Fab first post. Your earlier MAC videos were so helpful when I first went to buy MAC. good luck with everything :) ps loving the sweetie bground too

  16. ooo lovely shadows.


  17. I am thrilled you have a blog. Congrats to you, I know it will be as fun and informative as your YouTube videos. As for the swatches posted, I think they kind of come out better this way than on videos becauses you can look at them more and the color is clearer. . Neutrals are my fave and they definitely don't get enough love! Thanks for swatching them.

  18. YAY! Congrats for the web success :) I think you are MUCH more popular than you think missy! And that little blog post was just lovely..dont feel stressed to post long rants, little things are just as enjoyable. I like pictures too, and thanks for the palette pics, it will help me build one of my own soon :)

    Amanda (@sparklymee/mandak11 now!!)

  19. oh no i've become addicted to watching your videos when i should be studying!

    And now i've added a new procrastination technique to my list because you've inspired me to start a beauty blog!

    Please check it out if you have time

    And i hope you do start doing your blog more


  20. Welcome to blogging, Fleur! I have been a fan of your videos for quite some time now and am happy to see you blogging now too.

    I am pretty new to the whole beauty-blogging and you are invited to check out my little blog too.


  21. I really want Vellum now... Best get down to my Soho store!


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