Tuesday, 24 August 2010

MBT: Fitness Gimmick or the Shortcut to Lovely Legs?

Today's post is going to be somewhat of a departure from my normal subject matter, but I've been getting back into my fitness routine recently and thought you might like to hear about something I'm going to be trying out... MBT's - otherwise known as 'The Anti-Shoe'!

I have to admit, MBT's really aren't the most attractive choice in footwear. They somewhat remind me of middle aged European tourists, not usually a good look! These however, are the latest addition to my fitness routine.

There is a growing selection of similarly designed trainers on the market, but MBT's were the first (if my memory serves me right, I apologise if I'm wrong!). It now seems like everyone is now jumping on the band wagon... including Sketchers and Reebok to name a few off the top of my head.

MBT Shoe - Moja Black

They work on the principle of creating natural instability - similar to the effect of walking (or running!) along a sandy beach, promising to help reduce cellulite, burn more calories and improve your posture.

But do they work? Well that's what I'm going to be finding out over the next few weeks. I have weak ankles so I'm not going to be using these for running. I am however, going to be wearing them twice a day for walking Woof (She's understandably a huge fan of this review process - lots of walkies guaranteed!)

The 'Moja' Style in black (as shown above) are my design of choice... the most simple, subtle pair they make. They retail at £159 so aren't cheap, but if they deliver what they are promising, they'll be worth it!

What do you reckon guys... Have you tried them? Do they work? Can I expect my legs to be slim and toned in a few short weeks?! (I hope so!)

Fleur xx


  1. £159 is pretty expensive!i dont really believe fitflops and all of that,because tthe models always look naturally slim!but i wuouldn't know,i've never tried them:)xx

  2. this sort of thing is intreging, but wouldn't it be cheaper, and proberly more effective to just do good old running and working out?

  3. I have the reebok easytone trainers and I love them because they look like a normal trainer. I spend all day on my feet walking around and I honestly feel that they tone my legs. they were really uncomfortable initally but now it feels really wierd when I wear normal shoes!
    In my opinion the MBTs look ugly but if they work then I suppose you have to compromise somewhere!

  4. I'm not sure on the trainers front... But I do know that my mum has had serious problems with her leg joints and hips (she's only young and they say she needs a hip replacement!) and her doctor actually recommended trying the 'fitflops'. Now she swears by them and says that she noticed a difference straight away. So in my opinion there must be something worthwhile in investing in these types of shoes! Just hope the trainers work as well as the others! :)

  5. I studied exercise science at uni and we looked at biomechanics and the way running shoes affect it and stuff. From what I can gather, these kind of shoes that provide this kind of 'natural instability' are working to provide your foot with work that it wouldn't normally get in a normal running shoe with lots of padding. Whenever your foot lands on the ground a whole bunch of sensory receptors on the bottom of your foot tell your muscles how much work they should be doing to make you run safely and not cause injury when your foot hits the ground. So when there's instability, or a different landing (like when you use these shoes) the receptors are telling different muscles to work, which like harriet said, is really good to reverse injuries and issues with lower limbs! But at the same time its using all your leg muscles to make you stable when you walk, so I think that they should hae a good effect on toning too! =)

    They use this idea in other shoes too, like the Nike frees, which are likened to running with no shoes on, providing your foot with lots of information about correcting landing and improving efficiency to make your legs lean mean running machines!

    I hope that helps you understand it a little =) I'd love to hear in a few weeks or months how you thinks they are going! I'm a little of a nerd like that haha

  6. I have numerous pairs of fit flops - the actual fit flop kind and also the fit flop boots. They really do work!!!!

    I think these will be great and you will notice a difference in the back of your thigs and bottom (well I do anyway).

    Good luck!!


  7. This is funny! I just placed an order for the Reebok version (and I did end up buying Beyonce's Heat....remind me of a milder version of Miss Dior Cherie). I can't wait for them to get here so I can incorporate them into my routine! Keep us updated

  8. Hi there, Yes! I bought a pair this time last year and I have been wearing them on and off ever since.

    So I bet yours came with lots of rules lke; 'don't get them wet/muddy' 'wear with thick socks' etc etc. You can mostly ignore them and do as you see fit. I found that walking in the park on grass or non pavement surfaces increased the resistance. I just made sure I cleaned them off afterwards.

    Long jeans/joggers are a must to hide the huge, unflattering sole, but you do gain an extra 2 inches in height...I felt like a model!

    Do they work? I think that they help yes, but I also started hitting the gym at a similar time so I think that the two worked in tandem.

    Let us know how you get on. Maz @ Gorgeousshop

  9. Just came across your blog and it is really interesting I like the format :D


  10. I wanted to try that put last time I was in England, but it was too expensive. Have no idea if it really works though.

  11. I think they're a gimmick. But, I'd like to see someone's "worked for me" story!


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