Thursday, 12 August 2010

The Postman is Officially my New Best Friend!

I consistently fail to conceal my excitement when the postman appears in the driveway. I'm usually at the door before he gets to it, waiting to catch any incoming goodies! Today however, Mr. Postie really did excel himself.

A beautifully wrapped package arrived on my doorstep from the fabulous online beauty boutique 'Coco Beau'.

I tore away the gorgeous tissue paper to reveal this (not so little) gem.

The Bee Luscious Garden Girl Palette

Do I hear a swoon at those fabulous colours?!

Taking a closer look, this palette really does have a fantasic rainbow selection of 16 eye shadows, 4 mineral blushes and 2 lip colours (in a selection of shimmer and matte finishes).

I initially questioned whether or not I would actually wear these vibrant colours on a regular basis, but on closer inspection they really are very beautiful and wearable. The blushes especially caught my attention, 'sparkling rose' (bottom centre) reminding me of the famous NARS Orgasm.

The palette itself feels sturdy and professional, it's very similar to the MAC pro palettes, but bigger and slightly more substantial.

The eyeshadows are nicely pigmented too (see below for a selection of swatches including the two lip colours on the left)

I can't wait to try out a few looks using the eye shadows, especially the bright yellows and greens! The palette is priced at £67.50 which seems a lot, but when you consider the amount of products encased in this little beauty, it's a pretty good deal!

It is available from the Coco Beau website.

What do you think girls? Like what you see?!

Fleur x

P.S: Woof loves it too!
UPDATE: Coco Beau have kindly offered you lovely ladies 10% off the Garden Girl Palette! Just enter the code fleurandwoof at the checkout for the discount to be applied!



  1. I certainly swooned at the colours :) reminds me of coastal scents :)

    Angela xoxo

  2. woo! lovely palette.


  3. lovely palette! definitly some swooing going on x

  4. Yay! I love getting packages too :)

  5. They sure are gorgeous - the packaging adds such a nice touch too. Thanks for posting pics.


  6. ooooh. love it when you open palettes, they're always so satisfying - so many pretty products housed in a nifty little case :) would love to see what looks you create using this, the aqua shadow is gorgeous (and matches your watch!).

    hopefully will meet you tomorrow at the blogger meet up, depending on my schedule :)


  7. It looks gorgeous - I'm not sure I'd wear all the bright colours but it'd be fun to play around with them :)

  8. Oh my goodness that is a beautiful palette! I love love love the coupon code! haha fleur and woof!

  9. WOW! the blushes and eyeshadows look AMAZING!
    Please feel free to check out my blog :)


  10. that is gorgeous! I'm going to have to save up though...



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