Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Eyelash Growth Products? My Journey Begins...

Having mulled over the idea of eyelash extensions for quite a while, and now been thoroughly put off by Sara (SWalkerMakeup)'s experience, I have decided that I am going to head down the route of eyelash growth products instead. I'm aware that there are many products on the market, and many accompanying reviews on YouTube and throughout the blogging world, but here begins my journey... during which I will be documenting any changes, good or bad!
I have heard numerous good things about various different lash growth products over the past year or so, most notably Lilash. The product I am going to be trying out however is called 'Dulash'.

What appeals to me about 'Dulash' is that it is a dual product. Not only does it have the little lash growth stimulator brush, similar to Lilash and most of the other well known brands, but also a conditioning treatment applied with a mascara wand. It also promotes the fact that the product doesn't contain Prostaglandin, the ingredient that has made the realm of lash growth products somewhat controversial in the past (and what has previously put me off trying any out!) The product is actually 'all natural' which usually spurs a little scepticism, but in terms of eye health, if this product does work then it will have a considerable advantage over its competitors.
Over the next 4 weeks (which the packet claims, is the period of time after which you can expect to see some changes!) I will be applying this every morning and evening, and carefully monitoring the effects.

Dulash does come with a hefty price tag of $95 or £63 but fingers crossed, it will be effective. It is also a little less expensive than some of it's leading competitors (including Jan Marini, Lilash, Revitalash and Latisse)

I'd love to hear about any of your experiences or opinions. I know lash growth products can be controversial so if you have any tips or info about please leave me a comment!

Fleur x


  1. Really looking forward to this review. Have been debating whether to try out a lash growth product recently after getting my lash extenions removed and missing them greatly :( The price of lash exentions and the up-keep is ridiculously expensive!

  2. I haven't tried any Eyelash Growth Products, but I want to. It would be great to read your review about this product.


  3. This sounds intruiging - can't wait to read about the results. Good luck! :)


  4. I really think you shoudl experience eyelash extensions for yourself. I've seen a lot positive reviews of them and a handful of bad. I seriously do feel that everyone has a different experience with them. I've had lash extensions for 1 year and 4 months. I had a month break when I had lasik, but other than that, I have totally loved them and never want to remove them. When I got them removed for my lasik, there wasn't much damage to my natural lashes. sure it was a shock, I went from glamour lashes to stumps, but I wouldnt say my lashes were ruined and sparse. I honestly believe the secret to lash extensions is the aftercare; keep up to date with appointments (3 weeks in seriously pushing it for infills), brush them every morning and night with a clean mascara wand and apply a clear mascara if you get any stragglers.

  5. One eyelash growth product that i think works is probably Loreal's Lash Renewal Serum! :)

  6. good luck fleur.....but ur eyelashes are already TRES long

  7. I'd love it if this really works. I can't wait to see how this turns out, my eyelashes are so short!

    Chloe... x


  8. Great post! can't wait to see if it works!


  9. I have always had downward growing stubby lashes. I used extensions for a few months but the cost of infills plus not being able to rub or wet my eyes much drove me mad.I have been using lilash for 9 weeks and cannot believe the results. My lashes are so much longer and naturally curl. I have had no side effects and am seriously impressed these seemingly miracle products actually do what they say on the tin. Enjoy fluttering those lashes ; ) x

  10. This sounds really interesting! I'd love to know if it works or not, so take plenty of photos.

    Have you tried any other eyelash growth products before? I'm thinking of getting some and it'd be good to know their effectiveness before parting with my cash.


  11. Hope it works. I use the Loreal serum, it don't make my lashes longer or really fuller. But I don't loos my lashes that often. Therfore my eyelashes appear fuller!

  12. I agree with Diane, the Loreal Lash Serum really is fantastic value for money! Coming from a girl with quite possibly the shortest, downward pointing lashes known to man, this is definately a valid review as i saw a huge difference!!

    I'm really excited for this review though and I love your blog by the way!! Maybe you could check out mine if you have a mo??


    Milly xx

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  15. These are only some of the eyelash enhancer products that you can try in order for you to enjoy longer, fuller and more beautiful eyelashes without any need to undergo any complex surgeries. Good that you share your point of view on this matter.

  16. I've always had sparse lashes and had to gob on mascara, and false lashes always felt awkward and took too long to apply. I tried something called Neulash recently and love the results! You can read up on it at www.skinresearchlabs.com. I have thicker, fuller lashes and don't need as much mascara. No more falsies!


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