Monday, 27 September 2010

October is upon us!

So today was the day that I officially dragged out the Ugg boots, put on my favourite warm hoody and started feeling especially sorry for myself. I've got my first winter cold of the year and I'm not happy about it! Bearing that in mind, I decided that I should put things thoroughly into perspective by letting you all know that October is breast cancer awareness month. I don't need to talk to you all about breast cancer, you're all aware how devastating it can be, and how important it is for all of us ladies to be aware.

As part of raising awareness and funds during the month of October, QVC are donating all the profits from their Smashbox Smile Brightening lipgloss duo to Breast Cancer Care. The duo is priced at £22 which is pretty good considering you get two gorgeous lipglosses.

The glosses themselves have a minty scent/flavour and the colour is beautiful... a pale lilac/pink with silver shimmer. I've been wearing this shade religiously for the past month or so - it's just gorgeous, definitely a new favourite!

So why not treat yourself, and donate to charity at the same time?! That way you'll both look and feel great (even if the nights are drawing in and summer is officially over!)

Has anyone else spotted any fabulous 'pink' products for breast cancer awareness month? I'd love to hear about them!

Fleur x


  1. Sorry to here about your first winter cold, I had mine last week, and the boots/booties and sweaters are out full force here too. I thought I was going to freeze this morning. I love that gloss, and I buy everything I see in my local grocers that has the little pink ribbon on it, from my toilet paper to food, to my makeup and hair care. I hope I can budget those glosses in.

  2. Hope you feel better soon Fleur! I'm off work next week so you can pretty much guarantee I'll get a cold then! The lipgloss is supper pretty, may have to invest! I'm once again lusting after the ltd pink edition GHD's but considering my boring old black ones are in perfect working order, I can't really justify the splurge! x

  3. I know its freezing isnt it fleur.

    Love the glosses!! Me and my sister are going to go half and get one each xox

  4. Hey fleur! Greeting from Uk London. I love your blog!!!! new follower xx


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