Sunday, 24 October 2010

Backcomb in A Bottle?! Umberto Giannini Launch & Review

Last week I was kindly invited along to the launch of Umberto Giannini's latest collection: Glam Hair. The stand out product of the collection is most definitely 'Backcomb in A Bottle'. Always a fan of volume but not a fan of damaged hair I was intrigued to see what this product could really do.
I took my big sister along to the show too! This is just before we left:

The event itself was held in the beautiful private members club, Home House on Portland Square (Just behind Oxford Street). The venue echoed the design of the collection, very gothic and edgy.

My seat!

Amber Le Bon is 'the face' of the new product line, and she sauntered out complete with huge bouffant! I was surprised to see her first out, but her hair looked fabulous.

Amber actually had the least outlandish hair of the evening, with other styles including backcombed hair extensions that reached the floor and the huge red 'do below!

Overall the hair show was really impressive, I was only armed with my iPhone, so sadly I couldn't pick up any better snaps, but there is a full album on the Umberto Giannini facebook page. The make up was also fabulous, with gorgeous pink glitter lips!

After seeing the jaw-dropping creations at the launch, I was excited to see what the new 'Backcomb in A Bottle' could do for the everyday hairstyle...

I was expecting it to be similar to regular hairspray to be honest but I was pleasantly surprised to find it totally unsticky, and actually quite easy to work with! It didn't create a serious mess at one spray, but rather a more buildable texture. This is how I like to style my hair, using a few sprays at the roots and through the lengths, then just using my fingers to create the desired amount of volume.

The process takes only a few seconds, but I really love the result. It's just the right amount of volume, without creating any nasty knots, damaged hair or that crunchy, over-hairsprayed feel! The product also smells great - always a winner!

Backcomb in A Bottle (£5.49) along with the rest of the Glam Hair collection, is available from Boots now!

Will anyone be trying this? Has anyone tried any other products from the collection?

Fleur x


  1. I have the dry shampoo from this range and I absolutely love it. A little more pricey than Batiste, obviously, but it doesn't leave any visible residue and is really light-weight. I do have this product too, but I haven't really experimented with it, so I think I'll dig it out of my drawer and give it a go in the morning! Thanks :) xxx

  2. My friend used this the other night and her hair looked amazing! I'm definatly buying this! I don't want to damage my hair anymore!


  3. interesting...i also would love more volume without damage! :) xxx

  4. ill definitely try this, your hair looks amazing ! x

  5. Looks great! This would be a holy grail product for me! Wonder if I can get it in the US?

  6. Your hair looks amazing, I can't wait to try this :) I hate backcombing my hair, so this is exactly what I need. I've never tried any Umberto Giannini products before, so looking forward to trying this come payday :)

  7. Wow you actually see the difference, I think I must purchase!
    x x x

  8. The result is amazing, I was wandering how it makes your hair feel - crunchy and rough? I had a bad experience with one of the got2be similar products- hair felt like chopsticks. I guess, though they any softer if you opt fir back-combing, but anyways

  9. This looks like something I need to try! Thanks for the review!

    (The Pretty Pauper)
    Feel free to follow me!

  10. So lucky! I would have loved to have gone.
    This sounds fab, will definitely be trying it out.


  11. This sounds like a fantastic idea! I'm always looking for a product that gives volume as my hair is fairly flat.
    I'll definitely try this product, it looks great!

  12. I've had this for a little while so i'm suprised the official launch has only just happened! I'm sure i got it in July!!

    I had a bit of difficulty with it at first, applying far to much and then my hair went all weird and matted but now i've found a way to use it its awesome! I don't spray it directly on my hair but instead onto my fingers and then massage it on! Really great product!

  13. looks like you had a great time - love the pics xxx

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  15. How does it compare to the Scwarzkopf dust it?
    I bought that on your recommendation and love it! :)

  16. Whats it like to wash out? if its along the lines of the dust it, im ready to try it. if its anything like actually backcombing, i dont want to try and un-matte my hair! lol.

  17. The kit in boots with this & i think, two or three other products are now half price in boots :) Comes in a make-up bag and is only £10.00 i think :) Also, there's another which is like mousse and hairspray which is only £5.00! Think its the after xmas sale, but everything went half price today {xmas eve!} xxx

  18. Hi Fleur,
    This is definitely the wave of the future!

    broken iPhone

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