Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Bling me up Baby! Lil’ Bling Chrome Nail Polish Rave

I am currently blogging on the road. We are driving up from Las Vegas to San Francisco through the Sierra Nevada mountains, which is honestly one of the most breathtaking journeys I have ever undertaken. The 12 hour journey however, provided me with the perfect opportunity to update my recently neglected blog for you all!

I thought I’d update you all on a little discovery I made just before I left home last week, and my current nail obsession… Lil’ Bling metallic nail polishes by MyFace Cosmetics.

The eye-catching promo image instantly drew me in whilst I was flipping through Grazia a few weeks back, and I knew I had to try a few things from this collection.

I tried out five of the shades: (l-r) Gilt-y, Sp'ice'y, Crystalline Green, Black Ice and the most striking of them all: Diamonds & Pearls.

Having purchased out a host of metallic polishes in the past in the hope for a chrome finish, I have to say these are the closest I’ve tried to date. If you want to look of the famed Minx chrome manicure, but don’t want to shell out the £40 odd to get them professionally done or fiddle around with tricky foils yourself, then this is the answer!

The other colours are also beautiful, Black Ice being ideal for the coming winter months. I think the Gilt-y would also look fabulous on darker skin tones.

The Lil’ Bling collection, which also includes corresponding eye colours for each shade are priced at £5.99 each and are available from Boots, where they are currently 3 for 2!

I hope you all have a fabulous, Bling-tastic weekend!

Fleur x



  1. Wow they look fabulous doll, such good coverage and super shiny, will definitely check these beauties out :) xx

  2. Ahh these look amazing!

    Hope you are enjoying your travelling around America :)


  3. Those are gorgeous polishes! Great post :D

  4. I love the black ice colour! It's my fave x

  5. These are all so beautiful!
    Do you know if they are available in America too?

  6. I have been looking for a gold one just like this? Are they in the US?

  7. love them! will definitely be grabbing some of those Thanks for this post! xx

  8. found the US site. go to and enter the "US" site. they are $12 USD each for the nail polishes. hope that helps!

  9. Those polishes look fabulous!
    Glad you're enjoying yourself in America :) :)
    When do you come back?
    Have the time of your life! xxx

  10. Polishes look great! Not sure I could get away with them for work though! Seems that being a teacher is reserved in that department! Maybe I need to spice it up a little!

    You're going to love San Fran! You're right, the journey through the Sierra's is absolutely breathtaking! I moved here to the Bay Area, as we call it, 13 years ago from jolly old England! Love it here! Enjoy your trip!

  11. those colors are stunning!!!


  12. I think I'm obsessed...they look amazing!

  13. wow - great colour pay-off!

  14. For those asking about them being available in the US, their US site just went live last week I believe. My friend said they've got an offer on at the moment for a free lil bling when you buy a blingtone!

  15. loving the metallic shades
    come follow xoo

  16. amazing ; )) your pic are so very pretty ; ) i like it !!

    if, you want follow me :*** <3

  17. Love these colors! Hope you are still having fun around America

  18. love these! i think i may have to try them all! :) xo


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