Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Winter Wish List

I must admit I rarely dabble in the world of fashion blogging, but as I'm doing a bit of 2am internet browsing, I thought I should try out a new idea... simultaneously blogging and browsing. Perhaps in an attempt to stop me actually buying anything, but none the less a bit of fun (especially when you can't sleep!). Please let me know if you like this sort of thing.

The cold weather arriving, and today's miserable downpour has left me yearning for a new winter wardrobe. First stop, the essential winter coat. I have my eyes on two of the main trends this season. The first being a camel coat, the second a sheepskin jacket.

With camel, I think it's always better to go for a classic style, but somehow most of the high street offerings seem a bit straight-laced?

Perhaps I'd be better off going for a classic camel trench? Having such a baby face means sometimes I find it hard to pull off more 'grown up' styles without looking like I have raided grandma's attic!

I'm thinking...

£29.99 H&M

Though perhaps for under £30, this wouldn't look quite so nice in real life.

When I came across this little beauty, my heart melted. Having only had eyes for my worn black leather biker jacket for the past couple of years, in this I may have found a new fail safe. Catching on to the shearling trend, yet remaining inherently 'biker', this jacket seems to do it all. If only it didn't come with the £219 price tag.

£219 Zara

(N.B I think I'd wear it without the cuffs rolled up)

Continuing on the trend of winter warmers, my scarf obsession continues!

Seeing as this is only browsing, I thought I would be allowed to include this

Out of my price range but gorgeous none the less!

And for the Christmas (OK maybe that's too far away) ...Winter parties?

With an embellished belt like this one...

I've also had my eyes on some black riding boots recently. More specifically a suede-leather mix pair from Russel & Bromley but as they don't have an online shop, these beauts will have to take their place (I'd settle for either!)

£160 Bertie (at ASOS)

I know ankle straps/adornment are a little last year, but I'm still a fan of these:

£135 Dune

And of course I couldn't conclude without throwing in a bag for good measure. Lanvin, my personal preferance over a Chanel 2.55 any day. A girl can dream.

OK, It's 3am and well past time to shut down. Anyone detect a penchant for black leather?!

Fleur x



  1. absolutely gorgeous picks!! especially the lanvin bag!!! So gorg!


  2. Lovely picks! I always like to see people's wishlists. Sometimes it's more fun than a haul! Try to get some sleep lady. :)

  3. Oh! I love fall and winter!! I'm in the market for a good coat too :)

  4. totally loved this! really cool!

  5. I love these kinds of posts to see what you're looking at since you have such nice style. These are great choices!! That dress :)

  6. I love the dress. Its so pretty. I wish I had that in my closet and also the black purse. Love it!

  7. Not all the photos showed up for me but the ones that did...I like! That bag is gorgeous and the dress has such a snowy feel :) I liked this post :) xxx Hope you get some rest though! xxx

  8. Love the Boots cannot see the top few but curious so will pop back to see what H&M has.

  9. That lanvin bag is gorgeous, love those boots too, love fashion posts! x

  10. I think I am going to get both too, aviator jacket and a coat! But nothing is standing out to met as yet. Hope you find your coat! x x x x

  11. I couldn't see the first few pictures but I love that TFNC dress! It would look gorgeous with an belt like the one you showed!


  12. Has anyone else realised that ASOS model makes anything look gorgeous!? but that TNFC dress is really cute xx

  13. Sadly not all of the photos will load for me, but I really like your taste going on the ones that have!
    Kat x
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