Thursday, 25 November 2010

Black Friday Goes Global!

For those of you non-americans out there, you may currently be feeling a little envious of our friends across the pond who are about to experience the biggest shopping (and SALE) day of the year... 'Black Friday'. But have no fear, there are still some great deals around for those of us in the UK and the rest of the world to take advantage of. Whether you're Christmas shopping or just treating yourself, everyone loves a bargain and this weekend is certainly the best time to find one!

Most of the high street shops in the UK are currently undertaking their '20%' off weekends.

In fact, some stores are taking it one step further with Gap offering 30% off in stores and All Saints 25% off in store and online.

My personal favourite is of course Selfridges' annual 20% off Christmas shopping event which runs this weekend also (sign up online here).

I have already taken full advantage of's 20% off offer on all of their own brand items (Just enter 'ASOS20' at checkout) plus they are offering free international delivery at the moment so you really can't go wrong!

One of the better kept offers is however, from Sigma. My favourite brand of brushes are offering free international delivery this Friday (26th November), so if you've been contemplating investing in them for a while now and have been put off by the £10+ delivery charges, now is the time to treat yourself! Their brush kits also make fabulous gifts.

My most recent addition to my Sigma collection was the F25 tapered face brush, the perfect contouring brush (equivalent to MAC's 138 which will set you back £35.50) for under £13!

Another fabulous shopping event is being held by Burt's Bees, who are offering 12 different deals for the 12 days of Christmas! (1st-12th December)

The deals range from 25% off your entire order, 3 for 2 offers and free products with purchase. For more info on the deals each day, check out their Facebook page.

Happy shopping!


  1. I still remember purchasing four sweaters in four different colours for $10 each on Black Friday 2005....wish the UK deals were as good as that....but none the less....the burts bees offer looks fab though!

  2. Thank you so much!!! ... can you do more of these as time goes by please .. really great help!

  3. Sigma and Burt's beesssssss! :)

  4. For us that are not living in the US we can take advantage of the Cyber Monday which is the same with Black Friday but for the Internet!!! Check out these links to see what offers are available: and

  5. We may have Black Friday, but you have Boxing Day!

  6. Definetly buying sigma stuff tomorrow! xx

  7. definetly buying sigma now! also is the selfridges just instore?

  8. ASOS and AllSaints' have just recently launched their US websites, and I have spent weeks poring over and bookmarking various knits and jackets. If I could, I would live in knits and jeans, so there clothes are very appealing. But the price tags are pretty hefty - how are the clothes? Are they worth the price, do you think?

  9. How much is Sigma shipping to the UK?


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