Monday, 8 November 2010

No Harsh Chemicals?

I posted a video today with the controversial title 'Do NOT Buy This!'

It is a review of the seemingly popular John Frieda 'Go Blonder' Shampoo. Take a peek if you fancy it:

After posting this I was not surprised to find that I was not alone in my experience, either of allergic/adverse skin reactions or bedsheet and towel bleaching! I thought I'd post the (gross!) snaps of what this product did to me on here as well as on YouTube, as I really think John Frieda have not only released a poor product, but a poorly labeled product.

I was also greatly disappointed with the way that their customer services department treated me when I got in touch with them.

I think when companies get so big, sometimes they lose sight of their customers. Maybe this will catch their attention.

After 5 days of using the products:

1 month after stopping using the products:

My towel after using the products:

My friend's bed sheets after using the product:

Interesting results for a product that has 'No harsh chemicals', 'gently lightens' your hair and is 'gentle enough to use everyday'!

Would love to hear all your opinions on this, and your experiences with this product.

Fleur x


  1. I watched your video Fluer, and that is god awful! I understand that some people do have allergic reactions, but with others coming forward saying that they too have had the same results is rather worrying.

    And, what's more disgusting is the fact that they completely dismissed you, tsk. I think its wonderful that you bought this to your subscribers attention, and hopefully John Frieda may pay a little more attention to you now!

    I hope all that it has all cleared up now, i totally understand how you must have felt.

    Sarah xxx

  2. I used this when i had blonde hair and it brought my eczema out in a massive rash (all over my face...)

  3. I use these products everyday and haven't experienced any problems either with skin irritation or bleaching towels or bedding. Your skin irritation was really bad though, it does make me think twice about using them tomorrow. I hope everything is better!

  4. when i had blonde hair it did this too me, i never thought it was the product at the time and the back of my neck was red and my skin got raw in the back, it discovered it was this product when it felt like i was washing my hair with acid, it dried out my hair terribly. i agree that people should not use this product

  5. omg, i used to use this regularly when i was blonde, my mum still uses it, neither of us had any problems. i'm shocked a shampoo can do that, and that they weren't interested in your concerns, they will no doubt take interest now that you are spreading the word x

  6. Oh my God, that's awful. Thanks for doing the review on this, I was gonna buy it and try it out. Try using Silcock's Base or Aqueous Cream on the red patch on your neck, it moisturises without irritating and you can lash it on. You poor thing!

  7. I've never been a great fan of John Frieda products.. I once had the highlighting activating shampoo, that was ok but another shampoo got my hair really coarse. About a year ago I read some reviews on the go blonder shampoo and only found negative ones so I obviously didn't buy it. My tip since I'm blonde as well: everytime I wash my hair I rinse camille tea over my wet hair and just leave it in... its the same idea, it's 100 percent natural and it works- it will make your hair softer and shiny. =)

  8. I have been using John Frieda's hair products for brunettes since early 2010. I have sensitive skin, but I never have allergic reaction. I'm sorry for your experience. Maybe only blonde series have a problem?

  9. That is a nasty looking rash! You poor thing :( I used this last year when I had highlights but it worked fine, maybe they've changed the formulation...
    Kat x
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  10. awwwh Fleur, I feel for you!

    But i hope you get better soon :D

  11. oh my lord , glad it's healing :)

  12. That's awful! Hope you're ok now!

  13. Thats horrible.
    Hope it starts getting better.

  14. this really annoys me, they should not be able to release a product that effectively bleaches bedding, no wonder that happened to your neck!

  15. that is awful! i used to use the john frieda shampoo for brunettes, but obviously they contain different ingredients and chemicals as they do different things, however i would never have though something like this to happen! what happened to your skin is absolutely shocking and if i were you i would do everything in my power to take that further, because it's not just a "reaction" to your skin if it also done that to your sheets and towel as well. x

  16. I'm so sorry that happened to you, Fleur! I was given a sample to try and it did not have any adverse effect but I also did not care too much for the product.

    Glad to know that you are feeling better though.

  17. That looks ouch! I'm glad that at least it's getting better!


  18. Lucky that i live in Spain and they don't sell this product here. At least i haven't seen it :S

  19. I watched your video on this! I was appalled with how they treated you, I would be ashamed if this was something I was associated with!

  20. Wow out of control! PS I'm from the States. Love your blog, just started following it. xo

  21. Fleur, John Frieda is a 'Non-signer' on the Compact for Safe Cosmetics.

    This product also contains Methylisothiazolinone, which is scientifically proven to cause skin irritation, neuro toxicity and allergic reactions.

    Japan and Canada have also restricted its use in cosmetics and products.

    Check out so you can choose a shampoo without the nasty ingredients in.
    Hope this helps....

  22. Wow definitely never using this product. That rash looks terrible!!! I feel so bad for you :(

    Thanks for letting us know!


  23. Oh dear, I've only recently started to use this product and I got a horrible rash on my arm its really bad and afew spots on my body, i was going to go doctor tomorrow but seeing as it is the EXACT same rash as yours I think I'd just be better of buying new hair products! Defo getting in contact with JF

  24. i have been struggling with hives and swollen ears for the last 2 weeks, i thought it was a reaction to antibiotics, but it is just as bad now as it was 2 weeks ago. the only constant i have had is the shampoo. i thought i was finally rid of the hives, but after shampooing my hair yesterday, have now woke up with them all over my body and head, and my ears are swollen again. i am now convinced it is the shampoo...has anyone else there had anything like swollen ears/face?

  25. I have been desperately trying to work out what has been giving me really bad eczema in recent weeks and having read this I know exactly what it is! The rash on the back of your neck is exactly the same as mine. I also have raw red patches on my face and back. Thank you for posting. John Frieda have a lot to answer for.

  26. I've had the exact same issue and have really been struggling to work out what the cause was. My rash isn't on my neck but on my upper arms. I'm so pleased that I stumbled across this, time for a new shampoo and conditioner I think!


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