Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Win a prize worth £1,000 just for looking Radiant?! Get in there girls!

Excuse me for the influx of bargain and contest related posts, but you all know I just can't resist these things!

Superdrug have teamed up with one of my fave new fragrances of 2010: Britney Spears Radiance to give away three prizes worth up to £1,000! All you have to do is enter a photo of yourself looking your most radiant to the special Flickr group by the 26th November. If you win you get the choice of £1,000 vouchers for New Look, Last Minute or Apple!

So far there are only 30 photos uploaded, so with such great chances of winning, I'd get in there girls!
On a side note... If you haven't already gotten a whiff of the latest addition to Britneys huge perfume empire, I would thoroughly recommend doing so! It's a little more 'grown up' than her previous releases (which I also love) but still has enough of a sugar hit for those of you who love those super sweet scents. Prices start from £22.

Fleur x


  1. I haven't smelt this perfume yet! Really good competition Superdrug have there :)


  2. Fleur thankyou for being so sharing with us! You easily could have kept this to yourself, but you didn't! We love you :D xxxx Ola

  3. What Age do you have to be to enter it (: ?

  4. I love her perfumes!!! And this bottle is gorge!!!

  5. Great idea for a comp!
    The perfume bottle doesnt look nice though. just cheap, which is a shame. x

  6. I love the way that smells! My good friend has it and its AMAZING!!!

  7. I forgot to give you my email. Woops! Its:

  8. I just love Superdrug. You can get some Superdrug voucher code here too..


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