Sunday, 12 December 2010

Woof's Christmas Day Out

Today my boyfriend and I along with a few friends, ventured out to a country Christmas fair. Classic Sunday afternoon activity this time of year. But to make it a little more adventurous we decided to take our little springer/cocker spaniel cross, Woof with us! She's normally very badly behaved in public places as she really does live up to her name, but she was great today and thoroughly enjoyed herself. I thought it might be fun to include some snaps of her day for you all... So not beauty related but fun none the less!

She started the day raring to go...
Met some friends, old...
And new!
Stopped for a cuppa...
And a quick relax...
Found a bush to sit in...
And a wall to stand on!
Bought a £1 teddy bear from the Market stalls - bargain!
Played with Sam and the teddy bear...
Shattered in the car on the way home with her new friend!
All in all a great day was had by all! With plenty of fresh air and walking for Woof, and plenty of mulled wine, Christmas stalls and eclectic antique shops for the rest of us, we're all feeling particularly festive! Fx


  1. aw gorgeous post & photos :)
    how gorgeous xxx

  2. Awh I love the last picture, of you pup cuddling up with the teddy! How cute!!!

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  3. she's gorgeous!x

  4. she is absolutely precious!!!


  5. Lovely photos, she really is a cutie pie! Sounds like a perfect sunday to me :) xxx

  6. Aww bless Woof. She looks so cute on the last pic snuggled with her teddy. :) xx

  7. finally! i can't get enough of Woofy! :) I will cherish the day Woofy gets a youtube channel...

  8. Hey Fleur, love Woof! Please would you and her check out my blog? :) Thank you!!

  9. Awww Woof is gorgeous! I have a springer pup - 7 months, he is crazy lol!!

  10. OMG I love woof hehe such a lovely post :) wish she could meet Milo!xo

  11. aww that is too cute, my springer spaniel would be so naughty if we took to him a christmas fair :D

  12. woof de force should have his own blog ;)

  13. she is so cute! looks like you all had fun :) xo

  14. This post is so sweet! Make me want a dog even more!

  15. Aww so adorable, looks like you all had fun! xx

  16. ah how cute,i love when woof is in your videos its just not the same if she is'nt :) we recently got a new dog after loseing our doggy kim we had since '96' in may (she was a german shephard/ridgeback) now we have a tiny little yoke called pheobe shes half pug half jack russel and is always on the go :)

  17. I LOVE your dog!! He is so cute!!


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