Sunday, 16 January 2011

Bathtime Fun!

I thought I'd share two of my current bath-related obsessions with you. The first comes in the form of a bath oil. I never thought I'd fall for a bath oil as I've always been a bubbles kind of girl, but I was given this Aromatherapy Associates 'Perfect Partners' set (£14) for Christmas and have absolutley fallen in love!

It comes with two tiny bottles of bath oil: 'Revive' and 'Relax'. But don't let the tiny size of these fool you! You only need two capfuls in each bath so you get about 10 baths worth in this little set. The oils are so concentrated, they fill not only my bathroom, but the whole upstairs of my house with their heavenly scent. As I rarely have baths in the morning, I love to use the Revive one if I'm coming in from a long day and then going out again afterwards, it really helps to wake me up again. You can also use these in the shower, but I prefer the bath!

It's fair to say I'm a convert to Aromatherapy Associates, who I hadn't tried in the past and was surprised to hear the Relax Deep oil was celebrating it's 25th Birthday this year. To celebrate, they're giving away a fabulous little 'Bath & Body Heroes' set worth £25 with every purchase of their full size Relax Deep bath & shower oil (£37, below). Click here to see more info on the giveaway, as I didn't actually get the freebie with my bottle.

The second obsession of mine is Laura Mercier's Creme de Pistache Souffle Body Creme (what a mouthful!) I thought Laura Mercier couldn't do much better than her Creme Brule line (of which I've tried the Honey Bath and Hand Creme in the past) but my first dalliance into the Creme de Pistache line has proven me very wrong!

I am totally addicted to this scent. I actually managed to pick up the trio box set including the Honey Bath, Scrub and Body Creme for only £27.50 in Selfridges sale (This was half price of the Trio value, but if you buy the creme alone it is £43.50 so you can imagine my excitement!)

This creme is not only divinely scented, but is really rich and moisturising, while still being quite a light creamy texture and absorbing into the skin very quickly and easily. It is truly divine! I have to say, even at full price I think this creme is well worth it. A true luxury, but if I was going to splash out on any body creme, it would certainly be on this.

Have any of you tried Aromatherapy Associates or Laura Mercier Body & Bath products? Would love to know what you all think!


  1. Oh, I love this line from Laura Mercier! It's just the best sent ever!!!

  2. I'm a huge, huge AA fan - they're gorgeous! x

  3. cool i loveee to try it out...

  4. I ALWAYS make a pit-stop at any Laura Mercier stand I happen to pass to smell the creme de pistache body souffle! I can never get over how ridiculously good it smells x

  5. I never really delve into other bath products as im sucha huge fan of Molton brown products coz they smell divine. However the Perfect Partners sounds just as good :)

  6. Hmmm The Laura Mercier Crème looks yummy!!

  7. oo i love the laura mercier creme!

  8. Have always wanted to try out the Laura Mercier Creme - maybe one day!
    I do love the Jo Malone bath oils though - so divinely scented!

  9. Was the Laura Mercier Creme the one you bought with Ingrid? :)

  10. I've never tried it but it looks awesome! Following :)


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