Thursday, 20 January 2011

Ingenious Pencils From New CID Cosmetics

I must admit I've become really rather fond of London-based cosmetics brand New CID recently. Their fabulous 'Eyes, Lip & Cheeks' palette being a current staple of my make up bag, I was excited to discover two more little gems this week.

New CID make a variety of clever dual-ended pencils, but the ones I've fallen for are the i-flick and the i-groom.

The first is a dual ended black eye liner with a retractable pencil at one end and a felt tip liquid liner at the other.

Packaged in sleek white, it is a fabulous 2-in-1 product that not only saves space in your make up bag, but allows you to create a number of different looks with one product. The liquid liner has an ultra fine nib, allowing you to draw even the thinnest of lines with ease. It's seriously waterproof too!

The i-groom duo comprises of an angled, retractable eye brow pencil for easy application (and no need to sharpen!)

...with a little brow-grooming wand at the other end to make sure your eyebrows are groomed to perfection, even on the go!

These are priced at £18.50 and £15.50 respectively, but are available for £16.20 and £13.50 (with free international delivery!) from

Have any of you tried New CID Cosmetics? Tempted?


  1. very tempter!!

    they are very useful!! brilliant idea!!

    have not tried and of there cosmetics, will have to add them to my shopping list!!

  2. Loved your blog!!!!! come to mine ! and follow me ! :D

  3. This is such a good idea!

    But a little bit expensive don't you think?

  4. Love the first pencil liner!!!

    so smart!!

    hate sharpening haha

    I always feel like I'm wasting alot of product when I sharpen :)

  5. i think these are nifty, although i cringe at the price being a university student :/

  6. They look quite nice actually. I like the look of the white/black packaging and the sharpness of the actual product (the nib bits) Not a huge fan of the price though unfortunately :( x

  7. this is so clever! hope to check these out soon!

  8. looks awesome! your posts are always fabulous, which is why i nominated you for the stylish blogger award! to accept it, visit here:


  9. They look pretty good. I bought their primer last summer and it's brilliant, I stopped using my smashbox one in favour of it!

  10. That is such an awesome find!! I want one now!

  11. The eyebrow pencil looks kind of nifty, idk if it's worth the money though


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