Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Topshop Sandstorm: Best Bits

I was lucky enough to get my mitts on a few samples from Topshop's latest collection this week. 'Sandstorm' is the first collection that has really caught my eye since the range was launched last year, and I thought I'd show you all my top picks from the newest collection before its release later this month.

The collection is an eclectic mix of pretty pastel and sparkling metallic shades. The product that initially caught my eye was the 'Equinox' metallic crayon. Similar to those released in the first collection last year, this is slightly more of a rose gold hue which applies very smoothly and blends like a dream. It isn't as opaque as the last crayons, but this does make it a little more wearable.

The 'semi-permanent' liquid eyeliner in 'Perpetual' scared me at first (visions of rubbing my eyes sore trying to remove it!) but it is easily wiped away with an oil based make up remover. The consistency is surprisingly thick and creamy and the finish is ever-so-slightly metallic.

The nail varnish duos are also stunning, my favourite being 'Zealous', a bold metallic gold paired with a creamy pink. See below for my quick (and sloppy!) attempt at an alternative french manicure...

My top pick from the colection however, has to be the creamy lip colour in Daze. This is honestly one of the only 'half lipstick, half gloss' colours that really delivers, It's exactly what I was hoping the MAC creemsheen glasses to be: creamy, moisturising and opaque. The colour is fabulous too. Similar to Viva Glam Gaga, but more wearable, it lasts for hours too (the photo below was taken 2 hours after application)

Overall, I'm seriously impressed with Topshop's latest offerings. With prices starting at only £5... you can't really go wrong.

What do you think ladies? Will you be buying anything from Sandstorm?


  1. These are lovely!!! I love the pink and gold nail polish combo!

  2. Oooh that lipstick, I mean the shade, is so pretty. I need it! I like light pink lipsticks but my skin's very pale so they tend to wash me out. This one, however, looks/seems very wearable. Yay!


  3. love the nail varnishes. Not bad packaging either. x

  4. love the way you did the nail polish!
    my neatest french manicures aren't nearly as nice as yours, so don't worry hahaha
    but oh my, especially loving that lipstick!! will have to look out for it when i visit london next year!

  5. I love the look of those two nail polishes together.
    All these products look really good, I've yet to actually try any of Topshop's make up range yet.

  6. The pink with the gold is amazing :) I wanna try and do alternatives to the classic manicure.

  7. i like the way of your swatch :D haha
    and the nails' look as well <3

  8. I love that lip colour, looks so pretty. Might have to get that :)

  9. Ooh I really like that lip colour! That's good that it lasts well too, I can't be doing with products that disappear ten minutes after applying! :) xo

  10. Love them all! I especially love the pink and gold french manicure, I'll have to try that! I think the pink lip color is amazing, I might just have to place an order! Do they ship to the US?

  11. @pink1234star I think you can buy them frm the topshop us website? not sure though - you'd have to check! x

  12. Love the lipstick and gold eye crayon!

  13. That lippie looks fab. Wonder if i'll be able to get my hands on in it Ireland soon?

  14. joliie :)
    j'aime beaucoup la couleur de ton gloss

  15. oOoo i love the crayon!!!


  16. love the lip color!!



  17. love love love the nails, they look gorgeous!


  18. They're gorgeous! Love what you did with your nails! I wish our TopShop had the cosmetics line!

  19. I love your nails and definitely will be checking out the lipstick :)

  20. The lipstick is amazing! I like the way how you swatched the products ;)


  21. This lipstick is really pretty! perfect colour for any day

  22. Looks good to me! Next time I'm in London, may have to pop over to the Flagship store and have a browse since the Topshop here is rather bad at stocking a good makeup range.

    Did you use nail guides for the silver-tips on your nails or was it purely free hand? Looks so neat and elegant.

    Also, I've a Nyx haul post from Cherry Culture that I would love for you to check out please!


    Cassie x


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