Monday, 7 March 2011

Elemis & Temperley Collaboration!

I'm sorry to have bombarded you all with various new release and charity posts recently but there are just so many fabulous things coming out this spring, I can't help myself!

I got a press release through today announcing that one of my all time favourite skin care brands Elemis are collaborating with one of my all time favourite fashion deisgners Alice Temperley to release a limited edition 'Safari Traveller' kit which looks like this...
Isn't it simply fabulous?! I absolutely love it!

Not only does the case look beautiful but it contains seven travel sized bottles of Elemis' best selling products:

Pro Collagen Marine Creme 30ml
Pro-Radiance Cream Cleanser 30ml
Soothing Apricot Toner 50ml
Exotic Cream Moisurising Mask 15ml
Skin Nourishing Shower Creme 100ml
Papaya Enzyme Peel 15ml
Exotic Frangipani Monoi Moisture Melt 35ml

The Moisture Melt is one of my personal favourite products to use as a hair treatment, so I was thrilled to see that one in the line up!

To launch this gorgeous travel set, Elemis have also teamed up with charity foundation Mothers4Children which was set up by model Lisa B and helps raise and allocate funds to various charities that help children in need throughout the world. £1.50 from the sale of every bag goes to the charity. While I had hoped it would be a higher percentage of the £79 retail price, I still think it's a wonderful collaboration as Elemis hope to raise £50,000 for the charity in total.
Lisa B modelling the Temperley travel cases for men (top) and women (bottom). Yes, there is a mens version, but let's face it, you're all more excited to see the ladies one!

The travel sets will be available for a limited time in John Lewis between the 12 - 27th March 2011 before their national and online release in May. If you get your skates on, you might be able to get hold of one for Mothers Day - I think it would make the perfect mother's day treat!


  1. oo wow fleur...look at that bag!! i am sucker for prints its gorgeous xox

    Thanks xox

  2. wow those are beautiful
    did you get one for free for doing the review?

  3. £1.50 to charity? they aren't being too generous are they? That cheapness would annoy me but the bag is gorgeous.

  4. @ireview no, I didn't get one for doing this post. It makes me very sad that you would think that. :(

  5. <3 for bag ...

    soo beautiful

  6. oh my gosh, £79?! i am buying that ASAP. this totally makes up for missing the recent qvc tsv! i love temperley (and am a sucker for their makeup bags, i still cherish my temperley for lancome bag <3) and elemis and this is soooo perfect. i might just set it on my calendar to remind me to pop in to john lewis!

    they could definitely spare a bit more than £1.50 for charity though...

  7. WANT THIS SO BAD <3<3<3<3
    hope i win xoxo :) (L) .

  8. Hi fleur:)

    do you happen to know how much they are? I'm sorry if it's already included in the text. x

  9. This is pretty cool although the £1.50 is a bit low.

  10. I agree, that's not great that so little is going to the charity but those animal print bags are amazing!


  11. enter me

  12. the dark version looks amazing.

  13. I LOVE the temperley safari case! such a stylish washbag!

  14. Hi Fleur. Would really appreciate posting this link to Mothers Day gifts and presents from Gifts For The Girls by the guys at Presents For Men.

  15. I love the bags

  16. I've never heard of Elemis before really but those bags are so cute!

  17. AWESOME <3

  18. Definitely a good one for the mommas out there!

  19. Wow, Its soo pretty! I want it!

  20. omg the leopard bag is SO PRETTY!!!!! plus i love elemis products.


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