Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Are You on The List?!

Whilst perusing the shelves in duty free at Heathrow Airport last week on my way out to New York, something caught my eye. Ever the sucker for fabulous packaging, my eye was drawn to the fabulously bling bottle of the new 212 fragrance by Carolina Herrera, aptly named '212 VIP'.

The original 212 always reminds me of my mum, who wore it for years and for that reason, once I'd realised what it was I didn't think I'd be a huge fan myself. I was however, pleasantly surprised!

This fragrance is a perfect balance between the sweet, fun fragrances I usually gravitate towards and the more sophisticated 'grown up' fragrances i wish i would gravitate towards. The fragrance itself is inspired by modern, stylish and creative New York youth. The passionfruit and vanilla notes definitely keeping it fresh and young, while notes of rum and musk add a little something extra. The overall effect is a lovely, somewhat intriguing scent.

If I could compare this fragrance to anything I would say it has a similar feel to Paco Robanne Lady Million with a little bit of Agent Provocateur L'agent thrown in there for added maturity. The design of the bottle reminds me of Lady Million too. It's heavy and feels very luxe with the magnetic lid closure. Definitely worth a sniff, this new release has firmly secured a place on my fragrance wishlist.

The one downside? The branding is a tad on the cheesy side... 'Are You on The List?!' Cringe.

Eau de Parfum 30ml, 50ml and 80ml are available now from £26.90


  1. Never really smelt them. I have an aversion to them ever since my friend sprayed 212 Sexy Men in my mouth.


  2. I'll make sure to smell it next time. I really couldn't justify a perfume after spending all my money on the MAC Packed to Go goodies. :)

    - Elodie x

  3. Not crazy about the original either. I hope this one smells better :-p

  4. I have never tried the original one but I like the packaging! :-)

  5. I want to smell it now haha


  6. I must check them! hope this one will smell amazing!


  7. Hello, I've chosen your blog as a winner of the Sunshine award. http://non-optional.blogspot.com

  8. love the packaging! gorgeous!



  9. my mother has this perfume and it smells amazing..but for me a lit a bit more spicy and heavy than the others perfume i like

  10. The original is one of my fav perfumes so I cant wait to smell this :) xxx

  11. Lol, that is a tad cheesy!

  12. I loooooove this perfumer.. Definitely one of my top 5! The scent stays on for ages and it's not too sweet nor too spicy.. It's just perfect! Great for morning and evening too I reckon

  13. I love the original 212 Sexy for women as an evening fragrance, as it is so powerful and remains noticable throughout the evening. I will have to pop in to the nearest beauty retailer to see if there are any similarities between the two scents, and probably purchase (:

  14. That is the BEST perfume ever! I have it since november, and i just love it (:

  15. havent smelt this at all!! will have to look out for it...collio packaging tho!!

  16. 212 VIP is glamorous and exclusive in its composition, which was developed by the perfumer Alberto Morillas, inspired by the energetic life of New York metropolis, the city that never sleeps. Fresh aromas of seductive rum and passion fruit from the beginning of the compositions will take you to the musk and gardenia heart, and then to the soft base of vanilla and tonka bean.

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  17. I remember liking 212 Sexy.
    Check out my fragrance self at Fragrantica.com. It's fun to create and helpful to remember what perfume you had in the past and what ingredients each perfume has in it.


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