Saturday, 2 April 2011

Jason Wu Collaborates with CND

One of New York's hottest young fashion designers Jason Wu, famed for designing the white dress Michelle Obama wore to her husbands inauguration, has collaborated with CND (Creative Nail Design) to create his very own nail polish collection.

Jason Wu

What at first glance appears to be a fairly standard selection of shades, upon second look absolutely shines in terms of subtle originality.

l-r: Miss Wu, Anna effect topcoat, Brigitte, Sophia, Veronica

There are four colours in the collection including Wu's 'trademark' limestone nude with a matte finish entitled 'Miss Wu', a gorgeously glamorous warm pink called 'Brigitte' and a deep blue-toned red called 'Veronica' that looks almost pink in the press image. The final colour, entitled 'Sophia' lets the side down slightly in my opinion. It's a lovely mushroom taupe shade but I feel like I've seen this one a hundred times before.

What makes this collection really stand out for me though, is the 'Anna' effect top coat. This clear topcoat claims to leave the nails with a very subtle 'tweed'-like crackle effect.

Michelle Obama in Jason Wu

On the whole, I love the look of this collection and think the choice of shades perfectly embody the look and feel of Wu's designs. I was a little disappointed to find you can only buy all five colours together though.

The Jason Wu Collection is available now from and is priced at £49.95.



  1. love the sofia color!


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  3. Love those colors! I recently saw Michelle Obamas dress in person at a museum here in DC, and WOW it is beyond gorgeous. The amount of detailing and everything is beautiful.

  4. I want Brigitte! And the dress is an artwork!

  5. Some nice shades. The top coat sounds interesting! Something to check out for sure!

  6. Although I love 'Sophia', none of these polishes are particularly spectacular or unique - you can find almost exact copies of these shades at any Boots or Superdrug! And at £49.95, you're definitely paying for the name rather than the product itself. I think I'd rather save up for a Jason Wu gown!

  7. Great colors but way to pricey for nail polishes. I get that it's a brand and all but come on... I totally agree with comment from salut! sophie on this - you pay for the name - not the product.

  8. He better bring more Shellac colours :p

  9. Colours are lovely, little on the pricey side tho! lol xx

  10. I think I have to agree with Salut! sophie and nena. That's way to expensive for nail polish, although beautiful colours there are cheaper dupes. Would be better if you could buy them singularly rather than shelling out nearly £50 especially if you don't like all the shades. Although I'm sure there are lots of Jason Wu fans that will still be clammering to get their hands on these. xx

  11. May be you have to see the colors in real to appreciate them... on the pic they look rather ordinary... and crackle effect top coat is not a novelty, I remember something like that was on the market few years ago, dissapeared quite quickly though, probably was not popular.


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