Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Olay's Sell Out Skin Care Range Arrives in the UK

The latest release from Olay, The Olay Professional skin care line sold out in only 17 minutes when it was launched in the US. Although at the time it was only on limited release, this is very impressive. So what's all the hype about?

Well, this is Olay's first ever crack at making professionally inspired anti-ageing skincare, and they seem to be on to something! The stats boast that after being tried and tested by 195 dermatology experts, 80% of these experts were so impressed, they would continue to use it themselves following the 28 day trial and recommend it to others (considering the amount of skin care they must have tried... that's impressive!)

Olay guarantee anti-ageing results in only 28 days, and the trial results were so good, they were recorded in two science journals: The British Journal of Dermatology & the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology.

It all sounds to good to be true, no? Well if you fancy trying it out, 300 kits containing the three core products (Day Moisturiser, Wrinkle Smoothing Cream & Deep Wrinkle Complex) will be available tomorrow on boots.com for £44.99, but move fast! After the response in the US, this is expected to sell out in no time. The full line is due for release on the 9th August, exclusive to Boots.

Think I may just have to get hold of this line for my mum... she loves being my skin care guinea pig! Review coming soon - watch this space!


  1. How interesting, wonder how it compares to No7 Protect & Perfect, looking forward to reviews!

  2. OO sounds good!! i feel the need to buy it now!! just because you told me it would sell out lol!!

    I am such a sheep!! xox

  3. Hi Fleur, do you know if the Olay clarisonic dupe will be coming out with this line?x

  4. I love Olay products and cannot wait to try it! Thanks for the heads up! :0)

  5. @Monica I have asked someone from Olay the same thing and apparently there are no plans for its release at the moment, but if this line is out then perhaps it will be in the pipeline soon! :D x

  6. ok thanks for the reply :) xxx

  7. Looks great, nice to see the research on 'anti-ageing' products in reputable journals! I like to search google scholar to see if work has actually been published when companies make claims (I guess that's the scientist in me!).

    Thanks for letting us know Fleur, I might get it for my mum too.



  8. sounds fantastic


  9. Seems like its getting sold out so quickly.

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  10. ooh sounds promising! would love to try, my mom loves her olay!

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