Saturday, 2 July 2011

Eco-Friendly Has Never Smelt So Good

If you are a beauty addict, but rather like doing your bit for the environment and therefore hang your head with eco-guilt at the thought of your shallow mass-consumerist ways, then read on...

Jewellery brand Tous have released their first 'ecochic' fragrance 'Tous H2O' in the UK.

For every bottle of fragrance sold, Tous give enough money to ensure 15 litres of drinking water for those who need it, and they didn't stop there.

The jewel-inspired bottle is also as environmentaly-friendly as possible. Made from 25% recycled glass, it's 100% Recyclable, all of the cardboard packaging is certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council to ensure it's enviromentally responsible. All of the essential oils used in the fragrance are sustainably sourced and the boxes are packed by the Arco Iris Foundation, a non-profit organisation who work to integrate disabled people into society and the workforce.

The fragrance has already sold so well around the world, Tous have already donated 57,000 to Intermรณn Oxfam.

The fragrance itself (surprisingly!) doesn't smell like eco-friendly manure either! It actually smells rather lovely. It's a refreshing scent with top notes of lemon and lavender, a more floral heart of rose, jasmine and mandarin and base notes of white amber and cedar, making it a great scent for the summer.

The perfect way to get your beauty fix without the eco-guilt!

Tous H2O is available from Debenhams online and in store now, priced from £26


  1. I have this - reminds me alot of Davidoff's 'Cool Water'

  2. OMG it just goes to show there is nice people out there thinking of the environment and also the people out there who need clean water. But they have not just put a ad on the TV they have thought of somthing that can benefit three types of people

    1. The beauty addict
    2. Environmentalists

    and the most important
    3. The people who need clean water to live!

  3. This sounded like a great idea until I found out they only donate 1% of each sale to Oxfam which is only around 26p.

    But it's great the packaging is made from sustainable resources.

  4. Super lovely blog!


  5. never heard of it before but i love the name:)

  6. I'd seen this recently in a magazine - what a nice idea - every little helps :)

    I love the bottle too - I'm a bit obsessed with shapes of perfume bottles!

    Will have to check it out :)

    Clare x

  7. that is so pretty! I love it! :D

  8. I was flying out the other day and I just saw this advertised in one of the magazines. Wish I could've smelt it before I left but we have a Tous and perfume stores where I live so I should most definitely check it out and see if it's available.

    I love the unique bottle design. It completely encapsulates the idea behind the product.


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