Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Fekkai Shampoo Swap in Debenhams *Tomorrow!*

If any of you are out and about tomorrow (13th July 2011) then be sure to drop into Debenhams with an old bottle of shampoo (empty, full, cheap, pricey... it doesn't matter!)

They will swap it for a brand new bottle of Fekkai Advanced Salon Technician Shampoo for FREE!
Here's what they say about the shampoo...

"Fekkai's Advanced Technician Shampoo is perfect for women with weakened or colour-treated hair. Working in conjunction with a colour complex to reduce colour fading and seal the cuticle with a conditioning layer, Salon Technician protects and conditions for luxuriously beautiful coloured hair while guarding against UV rays."

I've never tried Fekkai products before so I'll definitely be popping in during the day!

The following stores are taking part:
  • Wakefield
  • London (Oxford Street)
  • Manchester (Central & Trafford Centre)
  • Glasgow
  • Preston
  • Newcastle (Metro Centre)
  • Liverpool
  • Dublin (Henry Street)
Happy swapping!

For those of you who can't make it to any of the above stores, there will also be an online promotion to buy any 2 Fekkai products and get an Advanced Brilliant Glossing Cream absolutely free.


  1. wow. Thanks for sharing this with us, Fleur. :)


  2. this would be great but there isnt one taking part near me :(


  3. LOVE Fekkai products, the volume range is fantastic!!

    Thanks for sharing Fleur! x

  4. Aw thats awesome! I live in Devon though, blah! Nothing happens here, occasionally in Plymouth, but anyway, thanks for the tip! :) rachinald.blogspot.com

  5. Shame it's not in Leeds, sounds good though! x

  6. Gorgeous packaging, have you tried the Shampoo yet?

  7. Thanks for sharing will be heading to the dublin one xx

  8. Hey there, i have awarded you a blog award, check out the link http://blogofmeme.blogspot.com/ to check it out.

    Emily X

  9. Ah man, I wish I lived near any of those. It's a little bit annoying that they're not doing it in every store, but oh well. Let us know how you like the shampoo if you get it! :) x

  10. I would of loved to do that but Berkshire isnt taking part :(
    O well, im sure you will et us know if the shampoo is amazing :) x


  11. This sounds amazing...But why aren't Debenhams in Birmingham taking part!?! :( I would have thought they would have been!

    Gem x

  12. Oh no I got on hols tomorrow or I'd pop in with my almost empty bottle of FF's Protein RX shampoo.

  13. This sounds like a great idea! I'd go for it if I had coloured hair, doesn't sound like they're suitable for my hair type though :(

    xxx Kat

  14. awesome, i can make it but ive passed it onto my friend :)

  15. this would be so good if more stores were taking part. i'm in the south west at the moment and there isn't a single store anywhere near. it's great for anyone up north though x

  16. so gutted my local debenhams isnt taking part! this is such a good offer!
    check out my little blog?

  17. Ugh, so annoying that my Debenhams isn't taking part, such a good little freebie :(

  18. Thanks for sharing I picked up mine today and can't wait to try it xx

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    Be sure to spread the word to your friends.

    Thanks so much :)


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