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*Guest Blog* bareMinerals Night Treatment Review

This week I'm having a Guest Blog Takeover! Today's post is written by Elle from ellemakeupblog who is reviewing the bareMinerals Pure Transformation Night Treatment.

When I first read about bareMinerals Pure Transformation Night Treatment I honestly thought it was too good to be true. A medium coverage powder that you can wear whilst you sleep? I had to try it out for myself

BareMinerals have brought out this night time mineral treatment with RareMinerals ActiveSoil complex. It’s clinically proven to dramatically reduce pores, increase luminosity and deliver a faster cell turnover, which results in skin renewing benefits. This concentrated powder formula replenishes skin while you sleep so you'll wake up to the famous bareMinerals naturally luminous glow.

It comes in 4 different shades clear, light, medium and tan to instantly diffuse imperfections.

I first used this after doing my nightly cleanse, tone and moisturise but I found that once I applied the Night Treatment it turned into clumps where it had mixed in with my moisturiser. So now I only use it after cleansing and toning.

Before you apply to the face ensure the lid is screwed on tightly and give the tub a little tap and shake to ensure that the powder is on the brush applicator. Avoiding your eye area buff onto your skin in circular motions. It says to repeat 2-3 times on the tub but I only apply once.

My Verdict
……I am a little reluctant with believing that piling something onto your face at nightime is good for your skin. Magazines always preach to take your makeup off at the end of the night so why all of the sudden does this mineral powder break the mould and now we are allowed to wear a bit of coverage to bed. The brush feels soft when applying it is a lovely feeling but once you have covered your face with the minerals my face felt quite stiff and I looked like I had just applied my face powder.

Before Application

After application

I hate being indecisive but this product really has kept me in two minds. I may need to try the clear shade, as I feel quite orangey with the light shade. For the price is it definitely worth a lot of consideration as it is around £45 in the UK. I usually get on well with bareMineral products but this one at the moment hasn’t impressed me. I also wouldn’t recommend it for people with dry skin which is what I have. I didn’t notice any change in my skin by the morning and I used this product for 7 days.

Be sure to check out Elle's blog HERE!



  1. I don't know if I would be able to sleep with the knowledge I had something on my face... part of what I like to do at night is cleanse completely and let my skin breathe. Also, maybe if you used it a little longer you may have seen some results? Who knows...

  2. Interesting review! Yeah, I know what you has always been drilled into us, 'remove your make-up before bed or DIE!' haha, and now the dramatic shift? I think I'll be looking into this some more before trying it out..if I even decide to do so, but hey..don't knock it til you try it, right?! :D

  3. That does seem like a strange concept. I still think that the minerals would break at least sensitive skin out after wearing it over night. I hope that you do another review of it after trying it for a few weeks or so.


    Links arent working on the post xx

  5. Surely it would just go all over your pillowcase and you'd be left with nothing on your face in the morning? What a load of tripe! lol

  6. Don't you hate when a product doesn't live up to your expectations? Good post!

  7. i agree i dont like the idea of putting a powder on my face before bed, i will stick to my cleanse, tone, moisturise i think :D

  8. Bare Minerals is really pricey in general, I feel like this is a total gimmick

  9. For the price I thought it would be a miracle product but Id much prefer to sleep without anything other than moisturiser on my face xx


  10. ...But why would you need to wear makeup to bed? o.O

  11. I love how Bareminerals are saying to keep it on at night! I wear mascara and eyeliner everytime I put my makeup on anyway and I have to take that off at night, so I just remove my foundation whilst I am at it, its kind of tricky not to. It is handy to know that if you accidentally left it on it would be doing your skin some good! Your review is really good and found it very useful, however I find that Bareminerals is really expensive so i dont buy anything from there, but I would love to be able to :) Great post and blog xxx


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