Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Top 10 'British Beauties': Number 4

As part of their 'Beauty Month' of July, QVC are announcing a list of their top 100 'British Beauties': the most beautiful British women of all time.

I'm really excited to be collaborating with with them to upload a makeup tutorial for each of the top 10. I'm going to be posting the inspiration pictures for each of the looks on here throughout the month.

Number 4 is... Catherine Zeta Jones!

CZJ often throws in a bit of colour to her red carpet looks, which is quite rare for celebs. I think this dark geen eye suits her down to a T.

Click HERE to watch my tutorial!


  1. I have beent rying to think who would be left to come and CZJ never even entered my head, i think i forget she is british lol... lovely eye colour though... fingers crossed Victoria B pops up :D


  2. She looks STUNNING! ..then again, when does she not?! Fab blog :)
    Lois, -Good Wear Day-

  3. I always forget she is British! But yes Stunning.


  4. yay i was hoping she would come up :D can't wait to see the tutorial for her :)



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