Friday, 15 July 2011

Umberto Giannini Branch Out!

Good news for all 'Backcomb in a Bottle' fans out there… The ‘big hair’ specialists at Umberto Giannini are trying their hand at makeup! I got to take a sneak peak at the launch this week and I can confirm it’s equally as sexy as their hair range.

They are still ‘dipping their feet’ so to speak, with only one permanent makeup addition to their line, along with a few limited edition sets for the Christmas period.

The one permanent addition to their repertoire is the Painted Lady palette (£10). A sleek black creation containing four duo eyeshadows, three lip colours and one multi-purpose glitter gloss (Great for the Christmas party season if you like a good smokey eye!)

The shadows are nicely pigmented. They aren’t ahhhhmazing but definitely better than most available on the high street, making the palette pretty good value for money.

The limited edition Christmas gift sets however, stole the show for me. They aren’t too pricey (ranging from £10-£30) so make great gifts and you get a lot for your money!

The best bits in my opinion are the vampy nail wraps which come along with a whole heap of other goodies in the ‘Fashion Loving’ Tin (£30) I’ve got my fingers crossed they make these available individually in the New Year!

The lashes that also come in the Fashion Loving set are really gorgeous too!

My favourite set as a whole has to be the ‘Party Loving’ kit, which comes in this fab bag (which is totally unbranded on the outside… massive plus!) and contains full sizes of Backcomb in a Bottle, Sex Bomb Massive Mousse and Grunge Glamour Tousled Salt Spray along with a cute eyeshadow duo, eyeliner pen and deep navy nail polish… all for £25!

These products hit Boots stores around the UK in September. Definitely worth a look!

(P.S: apologies for the lack of pictures of the whole sets, I forgot to take them when I was there and have been unable to get hold of any promo shots yet!)


  1. the nail wraps look great :D

  2. Love those eyeshadows colors!

  3. wow these look really nice! would make sure a cute smokey eye for christmas, gorgeous x

  4. this is so cool! I think it will do well :)

    Kia x

  5. I am loving the nail wraps ideas, I hope there are more ranges to come! xox

  6. The nail wraps looks fabulous!! I tried a lace mani once and it looked all bumpy but with the wrap it should be smooth! Thank you for sharing :)

    Please check me out :) at

  7. i love the nail wramps are amazing and i love the eye lashes too.

  8. love the nail wraps! the palette seems pretty worth it for its money!
    Krissy xoxo

  9. wow this all looks awesome, my fave time of the year is christmas and you always know its getting close when boots brings out their christmas gift book lol!

    shel xx

  10. Lovely nail wraps, i hope they bring out more patterns x

  11. the quilted bag looks fab! I'd buy it purely for that x

  12. wow the lashes and the palettes are beautifull! x

  13. love all of this!!! how pretty are those lashes??xx Mya

  14. wow i love the nail wraps they are so nice :)

  15. Love the colors in the palette!

    xO Kristen

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  16. Lol this totally reminded me I need to get another backcomb in a bottle!! xx

  17. lovely colors on the palette... and those nail foils have a great design!

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