Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Touche Eclat Meets it's Match!

A bold claim, I know.

YSL Touch Eclat has been considered a cult beauty product for donkey's years now and is widely acknowledged as being the best thing for concealing those pesky under-eye circles. But there's a new under-eye kidd in town (pun totally intended) in the form of Jemma Kidd's Wrinkle Rescue and Brightener Duo.

This nifty little double ended stick contains a wrinkle filling serum on one end (that seems better described as a primer to me) and a pink-toned brightening concealer on the other... and it works wonders!

Cue the rather unflattering before and after pictures...

(due to recently being ill and spending a whole day in bed... my eyes don't actually look too bad today... Don't know whether to be happy due to lack of circles, or sad due to less impressive before & after snaps... haha!)

Overall, I'm totally in love with this product and have spent the last few weeks convincing all my family and friends that it's the way forward (my mum is particular fan!) It is available in 3 shades, I have number 1 (the lightest).

I like to apply the serum with the little spatula, tap it into the skin with my fingers, then apply the concealer over the top using Jemma Kidd's Pro Crease Brush (06) to blend it in.

If you suffer from dark circles and need a little extra lift under the eyes, then this is a must have, in my opinion it knocks the socks off YSL Touche Eclat, which can be a little too light reflective at times. One of my most frequently asked questions is what is the best solution for under-eye circles, so there you have it!

It's not cheap at £24, but it's worth every penny! (And you can get it with free international delivery here... woo!)


  1. This sounds great! Bit outta my budget though I think :( will put it on my Xmas wishlist :D xx

  2. This looks amazing! Will have to get one for my mum!:) X

  3. hmm I have a beautybar gift certificate that I have not used yet and have been debating what to get.. i think you just answered my question!

  4. i believe that it's a very good under eye concealer, but for this price you can buy the ysl one as well!

  5. sounds amazing, i get awful bags ... :D


  6. WOW. This looks great. One for the wishlist,definately.


  7. oooh this sounds/looks amazing!

    Alice x

  8. Bit out of my budget for now, sounds amazing, looks amazing, def wanna try this at one point.

    Lucy xx

  9. i've always wanted to try touche eclat, but i'm totally giving this a try instead! thanks :)

  10. this looks really good although people do rave about the touche etclat, which one to buy tho lol


  11. I can't find it anywhere :[. Living in the U.S. is just so frustrating haha.

  12. This looks amazing..
    But as some of the other girls said before it does sound a little expensive and you might as well get the YSL one, don't you think?

    Either way, this looks promising :)


  13. Does sound like a great product, but as YSL is such a classic and is near enough the same price it would be worth just buying that!

  14. This sounds really good. I have the YSL Classic and believe me, it was terrible, completely not worth the cash whatsoever. Shame really, i wanted to love it.

    Im having a blog sale, please check it would i would be ever so grateful


  15. I'm seriously excited to try this range, after pixi2woo raving about the foundation and now this too. Need to get myself down to SpaceNK!! :) x


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