Friday, 23 September 2011

Bottega Veneta Eau de Parfum

I got the chance to try Bottega Veneta's highly anticipated debut fragrance today, and I hated it. When you first spray it the scent is harsh, somewhat obnoxious to the senses and it made me instantly wrinkle my nose...

Once it settled however, it transforms into a smooth, chic and sophisticated scent that has all the makings of a classic. What started as a harsh affront to the senses mellows into a leathery yet subtly floral concoction with a slight peppery hint to it. It's warm, spicy and the perfect choice for winter.

It's one of those perfumes that you can't stop smelling it once you spray it on your wrist. It's simply intriguing.

The bottle design is very simple and classic, with a tiny band of leather running around the neck of the bottle. Beautiful.
The ad campaign with Nina d'Urso is equally as chic.

Bottega Veneta collaborated with photographer Bruce Weber to create the ad campaign and the below videos to accompany it... simply beautiful (although I must admit that the second did make my eyes go funny!)

Available in Eau de Parfum only, starting at £42 for 30ml. It is available now. I'd thoroughly recommend trying this out next time you venture into a perfume hall.


  1. Never really seen this perfume around but great review =) I love the bottle, like you said its simply but I think its very classy and sophisticated. xx

  2. The bottle is lovely x

  3. cant wait to give this a spray :D

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  6. I like the bottle. Must look out for this, it'll soon be time to decide what scents to put on the christmas list;)

  7. great review, will definitely be looking out for this one!


  8. nice! will check this one out if i have a chance! I like the bottle design, not something fancy. but elegant and classic ! :)


  9. i am so in love with perfumes

  10. Wow that second video was really cool, nice review thanks :)

  11. Never heard of this perfume before :) Have to go give it a smell! :)
    Lucy x

  12. I havnt heard of this before either hmm, one to look out for next time. Your review reminds me of my experience with the Gucci Rush perfume. I hated it at the first spray becasue it was just so strong but it then settles into a gorgeous smell that I cant get enough of!


  13. I totally thought that was Natalie Portman ;o

  14. Hmm, now you just made me really intrigued with this perfume. i like how simple the bottle is. it sort of fools you to buy it and then bam, the strong scent hits you the first time you smell it. :D

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  15. Looks like a great scent to own. When I happen to read a post, and it can be any post on this site, it is categorically thought inspiring. Like those videos too.

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