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Calling All Bloggers!

If you have just started a blog and are looking for advice on how to nurture it's growth, or if you are already an established blogger and feel the need to start optimising your potential, then listen up! 

Handpicked Media are holding an event just for you... 'Handpicked Media Gets Social' is a one day event dedicated to everything social media. It is being held on Monday 21st November at the Royal Institute of British Architects in London and sponsored by Shu Uemura, Kiehls and Biotherm amongst others (Click here for the full list of sponsors).
The day is designed to offer you some of the best advice on encouraging the growth of your blog and how best to engage and form relationships with brands, coming from industry professionals and bloggers alike. You can see the full schedule here, with highlights including Rebecca Miskin from Hearst discussing the future of print in an online world, Jane Cunningham (aka BritishBeautyBlogger) putting forward her 'rules of engagement' for PRs and Bloggers and a session with Garry Davis focused on improving your blog traffic.

There will also be two blogger panel sessions discussing anything and everything you want to know about the blogging world: one for Fashion blogging and the other for Beauty. I'm very excited (and flattered!) to be taking part in the latter, along with the lovely Jen Riley from ABeautyJunkieinLondon, Emma from TheBeautyButton and Lee Kynaston aka 'TheGroomingGuru'.

The event is open to bloggers and agencies alike, so the day will also be the perfect opportunity to meet and get to know fellow bloggers, and network with brands.

If you'd like to attend, you can purchase tickets here (priced at £75 per person). I do however, have two tickets to giveaway to any budding bloggers out there. All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning is to leave a comment on this post telling me why you'd like to attend, and include a link to your blog. I will pick the winners based on their answers and blog content, and will announce them on the 20th October. 

Entry closes on 19th October midnight GMT. One comment per blog entry please. Please ensure you are free to attend on the 21st November before you enter! (it's in the daytime). Image: graur codrin /


  1. If only the prize included a plane ticket to London, then I'd enter in a heartbeat =P

  2. I'd like to attend because i'm new to beauty blogging and I'd love to find out more about fellow bloggers and how to make the most of my blog :)


  3. I think she meant November, lol. Wish I lived in London! Great prize.

  4. Im fairly new to blogging, blogging was a way to express my thoughts and opinions on the many products I purchase without having to build up the courage to get in front of the camera. I have always loved writing, and writing about something I love as well as interacting with other girls with the same interests has been amazing. I hope that someday I can be as successful as yourself and other well established bloggers. Everyday I learn something new from my readers and this is what prompts me to continue blogging. This sounds like an amazing opportunity to get your blog heard and whoever wins will definitely deserve it x

  5. I would love to go to this (i'm so happy it's on a Monday too as I don't have college, yay!). I would love to go so I could meet other bloggers who aren't necessarily successful as such but just to interact with more people in person who have similar interests as what I have =)
    Ashleigh xX

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  7. Hey fleur, I have just started up my blog and struggling to find ideas and thing on promoting it and would love to do posts on bits that brands have sent but have no idea on how to contact them. please take a look at my blog its
    great opportunity

  8. I would love to win the tickets as I've just moved to the UK not too long ago for study purpose and it's definitely a great opportunity to go this these kind of events to meet great bloggers and sponsors. By looking at the sponsor list makes me even excited in going to this event which i do not have a chance to do it in my home country.
    Moreover, I've never been to london despite being in nottingham for more than 3 weeks, so this is definitely a good chance for me to explore another part of UK.
    my blog is mainly about my thoughts and cosmetics i buy :

  9. I received an email about this event and I was so excited and wanted to attend. However, I can't afford the ticket price. So please choose me to win these tickets as I believe it will be an amazing opportunity. Blogging started off as a hobby and without blogging, I'd have never realised that I want to continue into the beauty writing industry.

  10. I'd love to win, although I have literally just started my blog and have no posts yet I am currently working on it. I've been reading other peoples for months including yours, and I've got so many ideas that I can't wait to share but I think I'd learn so much from this event. :) xxx

  11. This is a fab opportunity! I'd love to win - my blog may not have the most readers but I love it and I love being able to blog! I love having the opportunity to have a space to ramble about everything that I love & what's going on in my little world! I have made so many lovely friends since I started blogging and would love the opportunity to be able to learn from some of the bloggers that I have followed for years!

    Cat xx

  12. I completely wish that I lived in the UK!!!! I am so jealous! Great giveaway though! Great opportunity!

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  14. I would LOVE to win the tickets as I have just started out blogging. I am an aspiring journalist and blogging is a great way for me to get my name out there! I am currently on a gap year and my main aim for this year is to get my name as a blogger/writer out there! As an 18 year old blogger with a burning passion, who has just started out, the advice from this event would be invaluable for me! This would mean so much to as it would literally be helping me towards setting up a career for myself, and ultimately my dreams! Thank you
    - Keyta

  15. I'd love to win because I would love the opportunity to learn from established bloggers about a concept that is very new to me and something I'd love to become more involved in. Blogging is the journalism of the 21st century, an output that is contemporary and brutally honest and where budding writers can explore the world of self-publishing.

    I started blogging only two months ago (in fact, I only started reading blogs a few months ago) and have become almost instantaneously hooked. Having wanted to incorporate writing and creativity into my career since I can remember, I've come to realise that blogging is a wonderful sphere in which to grow this passion of mine. I am studying Art and Creative Writing at uni and am learning, through blogging, not only how to write academic essays and fiction, but also how to write concise and informative pieces that (hopefully) capture people's attention without 'rambling'. This is a skill that I would love to be able to tune more finely whilst exploring another part of writing that I know nothing about: online marketing, advertising and how to promote one's blog.

    At the moment, my blog focuses on reviews of various beauty products, as well as the odd book review and various musings but I would love to learn from experienced bloggers how to create something unique within my blog that will set it apart from others and generate interest from readers whilst remaining true to what I love to blog about!

    Thanks for persevering with my word-vomit!

  16. I would love for you to give a ticket to my friend Kat ( She works so hard on her blog and over the past year she has devoted a lot to every aspect of it. I don't think anyone knows just how hard she works and how much she stresses over it. She calls me all the time stressing over HTML, picture sizing, etc. Her content is amazing and her feedback is always great.

    She's been my friend for 20 years and although she is committed to everything she does, I've never seen her word so hard on anything before. She loves her blog and I know it would mean the world to her to see her blog become successful. She would really appreciate attending a Handpicked Media event as I'm sure she and her blog would benefit greatly from the experience. She's also going through one of the toughest times of her life right now and I know this would cheer her up a lot. Thanks.

    Angel (for x

  17. This is an amazing opportunity for anyone passionate in blogging. I'm doing magazine journalism at university at the moment and have a huge passion for writing a beauty. I'd love to get some advice on how to improve my blog and meet people with similar interests to swop and bounce ideas off.
    Helena xxo

  18. Sounds interesting! I've started blogging in the last couple of months and I'm quite fascinated by the world of online marketing, as well as the community that bloggers have made for themselves. It's quite inspiring how normal people share their passions online and communicate with each other. Plus I'd love to know more about the PR industry and how they relate to bloggers and listen to any advice they have for people like me who like doing this as a hobby :)

  19. Ooh I have been wanting to go to this event but the hefty £75 price tag put me off a little - totally cannot afford that.
    I would love to win a ticket because as an unemployed recent graduate struggling to find any kind of job - it would really cheer me up :) plus, being jobless means I have been really trying to focus on my blog lately and this event could maybe help me further!

  20. would love to go, but its in london :/ could you tell us all a few tips fleur? x

  21. to attend this event would mean the world to me for a few reasons.

    1. I have been blogging for one year the week of this event, I have 20 odd followers but I love doing it and will continue to blog to them 20 odd until I am old and gray.

    2. It's TWO DAYS before my 24th birthday, 24 I have just graduated university and I spend all day applying for jobs in the beauty industry if I do get an interview (rarely) most companies take one look at me and let me know in the nicest way possible that i don't have the right "look" for there brand, which I always understand is very very important.

    3. I want to make blogger friends, my real life physical friends don't get this whole blogging thing, they don't understand when I say "oh I will be 10 more minutes i'm just blogging" the responses to that is normally..."you don't NEED to do it" "you're not getting paid" etc etc.

    4. The information and tips I would acquire from this would be priceless, I am really trying to get my blog out there I have read every book there is about "how to make your blog successful" .

    Thank you Fleur for this contest.

    lots of love



    My blog is a place where I publish all my illustrations, animations and creative bits and bobs. It's also a great outlet for creative writing as I enjoy writing about things I've seen or done recently... unfortunately I haven't many people visiting my blog to share all this with. As an artist/graphic designer this would be a great opportunity to broadcast my work.

  23. i would love to attend as i love blogging , i know some people start blogging because they want freebies or whatever but i honestly started blogging coz i was sad and always depressed and blogging makes me happy and i've made good friends thats to it , so its a great opportunity to meet more amazing people and grow in many ways xoxo

  24. i wish i could attend this, sadly I live in Manchester and as a student getting to london etc is a little expensive. gutted. i wish they'd do more things like this up north. xxx

  25. Hi Fleur, thanks for the opportunity! I have been watching youtube/reading blogs for about 3 years now and I remember the first eye cream I got was the kiehls avacado eye cream and it was because you recomended it, it changed the way my concealer applied and I think its really great that we can share all of lifes little beauty tricks without religion, race and background being a boundary. I'm a student living in London and at times when I really miss home watching a video or reading an old favourite post really cheers me up. xx

  26. Is there anyway you (or someone else) can take notes or do a sort of workshop for those of us who are in the states and don't have the opportunity to attend?

  27. Aw, that would be so awesome to attend, too bad I can't afford a ticket to London. Le Sigh. Lol.

  28. Hey Fleur,

    I've wanted to be a journalist for as long as I can remember and once I learned that I could combine that career dream with my obsession with beauty products from the first time I picked up Mizz mag when I was about ten years old, I've pursued it.

    From making my own little mags, to writing for the school and university newspaper and now recently starting my blog I am trying so hard to push myself forward.

    However, I am still full of questions and desperately need advice on how to harness my passion in the best way! I find that my blog is a place where I can write openly about the things I care about whilst giving me good practice for my future career. And yet, as a student with virtually no money (epic loan fail) this can be pretty hard. Most people I've asked for help want me to pay them for their time, and whilst I love purchasing products with my own money and writing about them, I can't really afford enough to keep my blog reviews coming consistently, which is a shame as the reviews are my favorite part.

    I would really value from winning this prize because it will give me the chance to do something I need to do, which I simply don't have the means to do otherwise. You know as well as I that the networking involved at this type of event will be invaluable to me, in terms of how to get more followers, how to build contacts with companies whereby they allow me to review their products in exchange for samples and how to refine my blog-voice to be the best it can...

    Please check out my blog and I'll keep my fingers crossed. Thanks for a great opportunity!



  29. Hi Fleur, this sounds like such an exciting event!

    Despite my blog only being 7 months old I've absolutely loved creating it. The opportunity to combine 2 big passions in my life, writing and beauty, has been so exciting and such a nice change from my completely unrelated day job.

    The Handpicked Media event would be such a greet chance to meet some wonderful and inspiring bloggers (including you!) who really know what they're talking about and they would, I'm sure, all have some excellent pointers. I know any advice I could pick up would be invaluable and really help my blog progress.

    I know we all say it but I really didn't start my blog for any sort of recognition. I believe in everything I write about and am so proud of the blog I've produced. I would however love the chance to keep improving it and hopefully let it continue to grow.

    My blog is:

    Thanks Fleur :)

    Lauren xx

  30. Hey there Fleur!

    Wow this sounds like a wonderful event! I've been blogging for a year now (exactly! lol! today is my bloggys birthday ;p haha!) & truly do love it :) I think it would be really lovely to meet other wonderful bloggers including yourself & getting any tips & advice on blogging in general!

    Love Aysh xoxo

  31. Sounds like such a great opportunity for people, shame I wont be able to make it to London for it.

    Will there be any footage of the event for those who cant get there?

  32. Hi Fleur,

    I have just started blogging for A company based in Cornwall, offering discounted hair and beauty products. I try the products and give totally honest reviews. It's the perfect job! I do need some help though. This convention would be perfect for me to learn all I can and put it to good use. I would love to have lots of subscribers and need a nudge in the right direction. Please consider me for this ticket, I have everything crossed! Here's the link for the blog.. Oh and all new subscribers receive a FREE KMS trial size Volumizing Spray. Thank you, Sarra x

  33. Hi Fleur! You must get so many of these comments!

    I would love to go, because I am relatively new to blogging;it would be fantastic to meet people that are in the know and to learn a bit more! And, I get rather shy at these things so it would be great to overcome my fears!

    My blog is

    Thank you! Laura xxx

  34. Hello! I would really love to go to this event as I really think my blog could be something special with a little help and a nudge in the right direction. It is my new found passion and it feels great to have my little corner of the internet where I can share my views with the world. I love knowing that people are actually interested in what I have to say and although I don't have hundreds of followers, I know the ones I do have appreciate the work I put into it. I think the convention would be a fantastic opportunity to really make something of it, as being rather new I still have so much to learn.
    I'd love to go anyway if I didn't win, but £75 is a lil' steep! ;)
    Thanks for reading! Kayleigh x

  35. Sounds like an amazing Idea!! I will hopfully be attending this!!!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  36. thats a amazing idea xx

    my blog :


  37. This is such an amazing giveaway! Thank you Fleur!

    I'm a 21 year old girl with a passion for writing and anything fashion, so it should be no surprise that I have a fashion blog. Having always wanted to be a journalist, I like to think about my blog as my own little magazine, a piece of the internet that belongs to me, and my readers. I am currently interning for some well-known publications, but I truely believe I could use some help and advice from people who have been successfully blogging for years, and this event would be the perfect way to get some.

    Thank you,


  38. I'd LOVE to attend. Unfortunately, I'm not in UK >.<


  39. I started blogging as it was a unit coming up on my degree last year. I didn't think I'd get into it as much as I did but I think the fact that it's an excuse to write about everything I love - fashion, beauty and life - won me over. I'd like to attend to get some advice off of some great bloggers who i've admired and taken tips off along my blogging journey.

  40. I would love to win because blogging is one thing I love! I like going ideas to people and building off of other blog friends. My favorite thing right now is participating in blogtober! I look forward to being closer with my viewers & connecting with them. It's absolutely uplifting! :D p.s I love your blog too.

    Thanks so much!!!

  41. I would say my blog is like my baby, it's growing and I'm constantly learning new things.

    I really believe that attending Handpicked media blogging event will not only help me grasp how I can use social media in a better way, I'm also really be interested in hearing the talk from Rebecca Miskin. (Mainly because I have a huge passion for magazines)

    I really want to learn how make my blog to sparkle in a 'happy birthday' Debrorah Lippman sort of way.

  42. Hi Fleur,

    I would love to go to the event because an opportunity like that is too huge to miss.

    My blog started off as being an outlet for me since my professional qualifications (Law and International Relations) can turn me into a very serious and uptight person on a daily basis.

    I didn't, however, expect to fall in love will the beauty industry as much as I have. I'm starting to get serious about my blog and I'm even considering a career change. That's what makes going to the Handpicked Media event such a big deal; the experience and knowledge I'll acquire from all the people I'll meet could once and for all change my life! Isn't that daunting? :)

    I am also bilingual (english and portuguese) and I've expanded my blog to reach out to the Brazilian public as well. There is a huge market completely unexplored in Brazil, and I feel that since I have the ability to speak both languages fluently, I could definitely stand out from the crowd and be one of the first Bilingual Beauty Bloggers.

    I hope you like my blog and choose me, but if you don't, I'm sure you will have chosen the most deserving blogger.

    My blog URL is

    All the best,

  43. Hi Fleur,
    this is an amazing opportunity, beacuse I've had a blog for a few months now but half my post end up in the deleted section because I feel like they're never good enough, plus beeing italian and writing in english makes me that much more insecure, but I love blogging and try to write good quality reviews and hope that people find tham useful more than anything!
    I've checked out some of the other blogs in the comments and they're really good so I doubt T'll win a ticket but it's defenatly worth a try!

    so best of luck everyone!



  44. I would love to go to the Handpicked Media event as it would give an insight into how the world of social media works and would give me a taster of whether it's for me or not. I'm graduating next year (scary! This time next year I'll have graduated AND turned the big 21, scary!) and would really like to go into PR, Marketing or Social Media once I graduate. Of course the other big bonus would be meeting all of the amazing bloggers who I have followed over the past year and a half since I began blogging. :) xx

  45. This isn't an entry!
    I totally wish I could go to this, I've just started my blog (like, September!) and it would be great to get some insight. Totally cool event though!
    blog: (Dancing In my PJs)

  46. Hi Fleur!

    I’ve been reading your blog and watching your YouTube videos for a couple of years now. You are one of the bloggers who inspired me to start my own blog in July! I absolutely love sharing my ideas and it amazes me how much positive feedback I receive- it’s incredible! My passions are beauty and fashion so winning this competition would be fantastic as being a student I can’t afford to go otherwise. I’m eager to learn as much as I can about how to improve my blog and make it shine and really believe this is the perfect opportunity for me to do this! I’m so excited about this competition and would absolutely love to see you in the beauty panel as well as meet fellow bloggers and find out about what PR can do for us. I don’t normally enter competitions but this seems the chance of a lifetime, I can’t express how much I’d love to go. In the future I hope to have a career in the fashion or beauty industry and I think this would give me a real head start!

    Phoebe xxx

  47. I would love to attend as I would like to know more about how to get your Blog noticed etc. I started mine a while ago but lack the confidence to go all the way and show people what I want to talk about so I rarely "open up". Hopefully, if I could go, then it would help me immensely :) If not, then I'll still continue to Blog and hopefully gain the confidence to go further with it!
    Laura xx

  48. Hi Fleur,
    What a great contest! I would adore the opportunity to go to the event. I'm new to blogging and am currently nurturing a little fledgling beauty blog. I think I could really benefit from learning from all the established bloggers as I'm such a newbie but full of enthusiasm. I also think it's such a great opportunity to meet other bloggers from the 'community' with a common passion and drive.
    Very excited at the prospect of meeting others who could talk about beauty products as much as I do... I know my friends would appreciate this too!

  49. I would love to attend because it would give me a chance to experience the blogging community even more than I have done recently. I am a very new blogger and cannot believe the so called 'blogging world' that is out there, it is overwhelming, in an amazing way. I would love the chance to meet more bloggers and get expert advice on how to make my blog even better.

  50. I would love to attend as I find these events (like TOWIB) to be really inspiration and helpful to bloggers. The amount you can learn is invaluable and each time I have been to an event I come back wanting to spend more time improving my blog and offering my readers a great place to come to =)

  51. I'd love to win this prize.
    I started up my blog a few months ago as a way of making sure that my brain cells didn't slowly die off from a lack of creative writing, and also embarrasingly enough to make some new friends, which since moving back from Canada a couple of years ago I have found difficult.

    I can't express how much I am enjoying it. Yes, I only have 7 followers and my traffic is nothing special but every time I see that I have a comment from some lovely person who has taken the time to read my garbled mumbo jumbo it truly brightens my day :)

    I'd really love to meet some like minded people , really get a feel for the blogging community and make my blog the best it can be, even if it is only for 7 people - they are 7 people that deserve the best!

    Fingers Crossed :-)


  52. Hi Fleur!
    I recently started writing a blog but am really struggling to generate readers. The small amount of feedback I've had has been really positive, but it's difficult to get motivated to write when you feel like nobody's "listening"...

    It would be amazing to go the the event to find out how to get my blog out there and get an active group of readers and their comments (especially because I'm sure there must be 'netiquette' for respecting other bloggers, but I don't know what that would entail).

    I mostly blog about beauty, but also a little about music, which makes my profile a little different I suppose.

    Even if you don't pick me to have the tickets, I would be so SO grateful for any feedback you have:

    In an effort to persuade to you pick me I have penned a limmerick:

    There was a young lady called Fleur,
    Who wrote about beauty and Hair*,
    Whether MAC or Armani,
    Or nails painted with poonani,**
    They all were discussed with great flair.
    (*imagine that pronounced by someone from Yorkshire and it will rhyme better
    **reference to the Meadham Kirchoff nail wraps just in case you didn't get it - I'm not weird...)

  53. I really love blogging and it's something I'm very passionate about! When I trained to become a makeup artist I had to buy a whole array of makeup products to build a fully functional kit. I didn't want to randomly pick products to trial and error on clients because I couldn't afford to buy a million different products to see which ones would work best! This is how I discovered youtube videos and beauty blogs. I would thoroughly research products and look for reviews on them in the blogosphere. After finding several positive reviews about a particular product I would buy it to add to my kit. I found that when I went to makeup counters everyone was just trying to sell me their products but a blogger/youtuber always gave a trustworthy review because they weren't working on any type of commission. I relied heavily on beauty bloggers in the beginning of my career and learnt so much from them. Now having worked in the industry for several years I've been able to test products myself and know so much about makeup! Whenever I'm free I'm usually in the beauty section of a department store trying out new products and buying loads of things. Hence, I wanted to start my own blog. I wanted to share with everyone what I knew and the knowledge I gained from reading beauty blogs over several years to build a fantastic kit. Still to this day before I go out and buy something I always read a review on it in the blogosphere unless it's a completely impulse purchase! I wan't to be able to tell all my readers what I've learnt and give them all the make tips and tricks I've picked up in my career. It would mean the world to me to attend the HPM event because I'd get a chance to learn so much from all the fantastic people there and better my very young blog and learn all about what I can do to take it to it's utmost potential! I would also LOVE to meet Jane Cunningham from BBB because she's the inspiraton for why I started blogging! I have so much to learn and I feel this event will be a wonderful guide to turn my passion for writing and beauty to the next level!

    You can check out my blog at:


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