Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Lush Review: The Green Bubbleroon & a little giveaway!

I’m a big macaroon fan, so couldn’t resist popping one of these little beauties into my already-overflowing basket when I was in Lush last week.

I’d never seen the ‘bubbleroons’ before, but this macaroon-inspired bubble bar promised to take me straight back to summer time, along with homemade lemonade and picnic blankets… who could resist?!

In all seriousness, this bubble bar smells wonderful. Fresh, clean and uplifting. It’s based on freshly cut grass and orange flower and leaves your bath water a pleasant pastel green.

The scent isn’t as overpowering as some of Lush’s old faves (The Comforter,I’m looking at you!) so if you’re a bit scared of ‘that’ Lush smell, then this one might be for you.

They are also enriched with Coconut Oil and Shea Butter, so they leave your bath feeling silky and your skin feeling nourished.

Another convenient feature of this bubble bar (and all of the ‘bubbleroons’) is that they can be easily divided into two sections, and saved for another bath if you only want to use half at a time (Which I often find more than enough for a lovely bubble bath!)

These are one of my favourite products I’ve tried from Lush and definitely my favourite bubble bar so far, I’d highly recommend trying this one out next time you pay a visit…

The Green Bubbleroon is £3.25 and available now.

This week I have a green bubbleroon, along with a few other Lush goodies to give away! If you'd like to be in with a chance of winning, all you need to do is head over to my website! 


  1. Ah i've been so in LOVE with Lush lately. I really need to try this one. I love the Christmas scents....

    Im having a Blog Sale, MAC AND YSL


  2. hahahah I didn't think they really looked like macaroons from your luch haul video but in this photo they sure do!! I am going shopping tomorrow and need to pop into lush to get a top up of my all time favorite face mask! (the oatmeal one-I liturally look like I have sick on my face but it does wonders for your skin!) have you tried any of their face masks? anyways I will defo have a look and smell of these since you like them! hahah i love how you photographed your bath colour :P thankss fleur! love your blogg xx libby xx ( http://libloveseconomics.blogspot.com/ )

  3. Think I might have to take a trip down to Lush now!x


  4. Love the sound of this. Haven't been to lush in a while, need to pull my finger out don't i?!


  5. Yesterday was the first time I'd been in Lush. I picked up an avacado bath bomb and Stacey, my eight year old got a pink sparkly UFO one. They were lovely to have at bathtime. Will definitely be visiting again!!


  6. This looks lovely, I love Macaroons so will definitely be a fan of this :)

    http://beautyandablogger.blogspot.com/ xx

  7. I've tried the Yuzu & Cocoa Bubbleroon and it's become one of my favourites :-)

  8. I might have to take a trip down to Lush soon ;)


  9. I love rosejam bubbleroon (they are bringing this scent out as a mother's day magic wand) can't wait! x

  10. The bath water pic makes me want to go take a nice refreshing bath right now. haha Love me a good soak, even though this mommy doesn't get to enjoy one often enough. :)


  11. i was thinking that they looked like macarons until you mentioned it hehe!
    Krissy xoxo

  12. Havent tried this one but I've tried the rose jam one (the pink one) and it's gorgeous. smells very rosy but now I'm intrigued by this one... :D


    www.es-jaymakeup.blogspot.com - for beauty reviews, hauls and health posts! x x x

  13. haven't seen these in my local lush yet!
    please check out my blog xo


  14. I love the sound of silky bath water, these look great X

  15. oh this looks lovely! i could almost smell it from looking at the bath water lol x


  16. These look yummy! Pistachio macaroons are my fave so definitely a lush must for me I think?!

    Please check out my new blog post and new blog - Kellilash.blogspot.com

    Kelly xxx

  17. The peachy one smells AMAZING!! I have still yet to try these but need to very soon!

  18. Now I'm sad! I was at Lush just yesterday and since I had spent ~$150 last time I was in and my boyfriend used a lot of my stuff he took me yesterday to restock my lil collection haha... and I think these ones r new as i saw them for the first time only yesterday and I had the green and pink one in my hand but he didnt want to get them :(:( how sad. Now I'll have to show him your post and send him back to Lush hehe
    Thanks for the post!


  19. I cannot wait for LUSH to open up in a town near me! One is supposed to be coming a few hours away. Gonna have to make a trip to pick up some of these goodies!

    Love the blog!



  20. Love the sound of this! I love macaroons, the design is so cute! Ill definitely be taking a trip down to lush to pick a few of these up!x


  21. the smell sounds really good and i love the color! i'll have to check those out sometime soon :)


  22. I've never tried lush before... are there any products anyone really likes & would recommend? I like coconut & lavender smells :)


  23. I am allergic to cut grass so hated the smell of this. But I've tried the orange one and loved it - left my skin really soft and the smell reminded me of sun tan lotion! Also really handy that you can split it



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