Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Mini Rave: Biore Make-up Removing Wipes

I know face wipes aren't my usual thing to review but I thought these were a little different to any I've tried before so what better reason to tell you all about them!

The Biore Make-up Removing Wipes don't look like anything special in the packaging and to be honest they aren't something I'd normally choose unless they were on special offer.

Let's keep it simple, cos they're only face wipes... but these honestly remove makeup more effectively, and faster than any others I've tried. One swipe and it's gone! Seriously, amazing!

The one problem is that they're not great for mascara. As the sheets are textured, they aren't as easy on the eyes as I'd hoped. But if you're looking for some makeup wipes with serious clout, then look no  further!

I'd definitely recommend these for people who need to take off a lot of makeup, fast (aka if you wear stage makeup, make up artists etc) They are oil free too.

You can pick these up from Superdrug now. They are £3.99 for a pack of 25.


  1. I'm a firm lover of the simple wipes, but I'm noticing more and more that they don't completely get my makeup off, so I might try these out :)

  2. I think there's a Korres pack that works really well! Great for travel. I think it's the pomegranate ones...

  3. Seems great! I'll pick em up :)

  4. I love being able to take blog pictures outside :-)

    I once used the Biore nose strip thingies and they were really good. I like the fact that it doesn't take long to pull all your makeup off, I almost have to scrub my face off too with the rubbish ones I've got at the moment.

    Have a nice week! xxx

  5. Ooh I'll have to try these out, I like makeup wipes for removing makeup before I use my cleanser :) It's a shame they're not too good on the eyes though :/

    Frances xx

  6. Will definitely be trying these out! I quite like Biore products - I've tried the blackhead strips before and they were brilliant!x


  7. so picking these up next time I go shopping, especially as they are oil free! xx

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  9. I need to find better make up wipes, I always go for the cheapest, and they're never the best :P x

  10. looks interesting, I use simple wipes because I have sensitive skin, is the biore wipes good for sensitive skin?


  11. These look great! The kleenex eye makeup remover wipes are great for the eyes if you're looking for an alternative :)


  12. have you tried the neutrogena makeup wipes from superdrug? they are amazing~ they even take of waterproof mascara really well~

    1. Here here! I use the Neutrogena ones when I travel and I love them. I usually pick up the night time ones in the purple packet. I'd be interested to try the Biore ones though.

      Such A Beautiful Sight

  13. I've not heard much about Biore in the past... But I spotted their pore unclogging scrub in boots. And its amazing. Fleur is right, the products dont look much from the outside... but the product make up for it. I may go pick myself up a pack of these and give em a try. Thanks fleur!

  14. I've used other Biore products and found they didn't work well for me.

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  16. I hate facial wipes in general but there is no denying sometimes they can be a god send especially if you have a late night! Did these sting the face at all? x

  17. I don't like facial wipes, but this one sounds good!
    I always take my makeup off with extra virgin oliva oil, and it's not even removing the makeup, but really "removes" black heads that technique which I use!



  18. Hiya guys I have just started out with my own blog which I have lots planned for & all companys & brands that I talk about don't test on animals! I'd be really grateful if you could come have nose & leave me feedback :) thank you xx

  19. I’m always unsure about how good face wipes are for your skin but I may give these a go! I’m also running a Clinique giveaway at the moment, I thought you might be interested :)
    Charlotte x

  20. I would never have bought these, but might give them a try when I'm next travelling. I try my best to avoid the temptation of face-wiping my make-up off whilst at home!


  21. I've been using the Biore Face Wipes for bout 6 months. It saves A LOT of time! I agree with the texture, it's a bit of a problem.
    The packaging is different from the ones in Asia. Ours are refillable & there's about 48 sheets. You can check them out Here.

    Love, Phy.

  22. I have had a tough time finding a really good face wipe that doesn't irritate my skin. The Josie Maran ones are amazing! They have really natural ingredients and don't make my skin red. $12 for 30 wipes, not bad in my opinion...especially if I'm feeling lazy every now and then! :)

  23. I'm now quite a fan of face wipes, I swear by the No7 quick thinking or the soap and glory wipes. I'll no doubt try these!


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  25. these sound great, will deffo be purchasing some x

  26. biore is really famous for their make-up removing products
    my current favorite of theirs is the new Watery Cleansing Liquid - remove make-up like a dream (including waterproof mascara!) and your skin wont feel dry out or greasy (:


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