Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Review: Melvita Prosun Gradual Tanner

It's approaching that fake-tan-frenzy time of year again... In a bid to not look quite so pastey when (and if!) the fair weather rolls around, every year I road test all the new fake tans on the block.

This year I was most excited by Melvita's new Prosun Gradual Self-Tanning Moistursing Gel-Creme (tedious name, huh?!). I've tried Melvita's Prosun collection before, in the form of their sun lotion and after sun and it was lovely, so the idea of a gradual tan from them really appealed to me.
As the name suggests, it's an interesting gel-like texture. It promises to deliver a natural-looking, streak-free, sun-kissed glow while having absolutely no 'fake tan' (aka biscuit!) smell.

It's rather an alarming yellow colour in person and while I'm not a fan of non-tinted fake tans (I like to see where I've put it!) I have to say the resulting colour from this after just one application was as promised... Nice and natural with not a single streak. I can't deny it performed tanning-wise!
What it didn't deliver on however, was the smell. I can honestly say I've never experienced such a honking gradual tanner! Some of the 'deep' or 'dark' fake tans yes, but the graduals are usually a bit more subtle. I spent the whole day very aware of the smell and couldn't wait to wash it off when I got home.

My second bug bear with this is the amount of product needed. While the formulation is lovely, you require quite a bit to cover your entire body. I used this once and the bottle is about 1/6 empty. For a full on fake tan this wouldn't be such a problem, but for a product that you're meant to be able to use a few times a week, and that's priced at £20, I don't think this cuts the mustard really!

Sorry Melvita... not a winner in my books! My gradual-tanning heart still lies with Sienna X I'm afraid!


  1. This sounds promising!
    I've never tried fake-tanner but I got two fake tanners sent to me and I was to scared to try them out.
    I tested them on my boyfriend and now he his streaky and orange. Poor thing :(

  2. This post could not have come at a better time! Just last night I was browsing for a new self tanner. Thanks for another excellent review, I will definitely not buy this product.

    Liesl xxx

  3. Interesting review, I don't think I will be purchasing this one!

  4. It's a shame this is so expesnive, I'm looking for a fake tan that doesn't leave marks. I'm awful at applying them so I need somehtign streka free :) You mentioned Sienna x though? Might give that a whirl!

  5. I hate the fake tan smell! Been trying to find the perfect gradual tanner for a while now, i know to give this one a miss !! x

  6. thats why i stopped using johnsons fake tan, the smells was horrific! ive just been using no 7 spray tanner, and just like this you use so much product so quickly as its very light! oh the woes of a tanning addict

  7. I don't think anything can drag me away from Xen-tan! The smell and olivey-colour are just fantastic.


  8. Ooh I'm glad you did a review, I'm starting to look around and try a few gradual tanners as I'm not very experienced with them. I found this super useful :)


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  10. I have only used fake tanner once or twice, I hated it. Didnt like the texture, smell or the way it turned out. It wasnt orange or streaky, it just looked fake. Sienna X Ive heard nothing bad about, might give it a go.

  11. i might give this a go as i have only ever used one tanner and it sucked so might give this ago before i go on holaday.


  12. interesting product, shame about the smell though!

  13. That looks so odd! I might have to give it a go :)


  14. There's a St Tropez one that's supposed to be amazing ... you can't possibly go darker than you can naturally! However, I hear it's uber expensive!xx


  15. This sounds pretty good, although the smell would put me off! I used a Garnier one last year, but like you said, i like to see where i've put the product!x


  16. beautiful review!
    great blog dear


  17. Great review!
    I love using Xen Tan, leaves a fabulous glow to the skin without looking too orange.

    Emily x


  18. I'm also on the hunt for the perfect self tanner! Right now I'm really liking Clinique's :)

  19. Hmm, I've never tried this brand. I typically associate self-tanning w/ St. Tropez. I better expland my beauty horizons :P

    xx Veronica

  20. It's a shame fake tans never really get raving reviews! xo


  21. Thanks for the review, I'd heard mixed things about this!


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