Friday, 30 November 2012

Olay's Big British Beauty Poll: The Results!

A few weeks back you might remember me posting about the Olay Big British Beauty Poll, and encouraging you all to head over and let Olay know your thoughts on all things beauty. Well the results are in, and they are decidedly different from those that we saw back in 2010 when the first poll was conducted!

Over 4,400 people entered their opinions during the poll and the results show that on average, women are spending approximately 15% less on their beauty products than in 2010. Although women also stated that they think they spend more now, the average monthly spend has dropped from £23 to £20.

Anti-Ageing skin care was proven to be the item that women prioritise the most, being most reluctant to give up when compared to their other beauty treats, with only 7% choosing to cut back on anti-ageing skin care over other beauty products if need be.
There was also an interesting change in the type of anti-ageing skincare being purchased, with 79% of women saying that while they value their skin care products most highly, they are unlikely to spend more than £30 on a face cream, even if it works!

Not surprisingly, Mascara was voted the most popular 'can't live without' beauty product, with 35% of women voting it as their top makeup must have.
Overall, it has certainly shown shome interesting changes in our beauty spending habits as a nation over the past couple of years.

What do you think? Do the results of Olay's Big British Beauty Poll line up with your beauty priorities?

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  1. Exciting Fleur. I dying for this post.x

  2. I'm surprised more women didn't say foundation for their "must-have" :)

  3. Yes and No lol , my must have product has to be foundation but after foundation i would pick Mascara as well ..

    xx Liyana

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  4. thats interesting, i would thing foundation would be the must have instead of anti aging. But when you think about it most people want to stay young because of Hollywood, most people can't afford plastic surgery...

    xo Cassy

  5. Totally agree with the mascara! I'd be lost without it! xx

  6. Never tried anything from Olay but looking forward to! <3 xo

  7. Has to be mascara for me too! xx

  8. I can't live without mascara either! I don't look awake otherwise!

    Aimée X

  9. I didn't wear mascara for a year when I lived in Aus! Eyelash dye is an amazing invention.
    I definitely couldn't live without concealer. God damn you genetically unavoidable eyebags :(

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