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YSL Fusion Ink Foundation Review

There's been quite a bit of hype around the new YSL Fusion Ink or 'Le Teint Encre De Peau' Foundation. With Cara Delevingne on the ads, and YSL handing out free 7-day trial pots last week, it's gotten quite a lot of attention, but is it justified? I've been giving it a try this week so I can give you my thoughts amongst all of the fanfare.
So basically, it's very similar in consistency to both the Giorgio Armani Maestro and L'Oreal Paris Eau De Teint foundations (all three brands being under the L'Oreal umbrella, it's probably also made in the same labs...)

That aside, I have to say that this is probably my favourite of the three. Something about it seems more moisturising than the other two. It's incredibly light on the skin, yet has a lovely medium build-able coverage with a natural, semi-matte finish. Despite being semi-matte, it still manages to give you a definite 'glow'. I think this is a great foundation for those who want a light base for the day and a heavier one for the evening, but don't want to buy two different products. One layer is perfect for the daytime, two works well for the evening.
I apply this using a small stippling brush from Sephora, which I think it the best way. Blending it in with your fingers also works nicely, but I would avoid traditional 'paint brush' style foundation brushes.

YSL's claims for the foundation are pretty huge too, it's meant to last for 24 hours and not require a primer or powder. I'm not sure I agree with the 24 hours (who would leave it on for that long anyway?!) but this does have fantastic staying power on my skin, especially considering how light it feels. I didn't use a primer with this and it seemed to sit perfectly on the skin, but I did need to powder a little around my T-Zone in the afternoon.
There are 16 shades available, so a good selection to choose from in both neutral, warm and cool tones. (The bottle & swatches above are BD20, the shade I've used in the pictures below is B30)
1. No makeup, 2. Just foundation, 3. Full Makeup
Overall I was really impressed with this. I much prefer it to the touché éclat foundation (which has lighter coverage and doesn't last nearly as well as this). It's just launched in Debenhams, priced at £30.50, The nationwide launch is set for the 20th August. I know they've been giving out 7-day free trials of this all of last week, but I'm not sure if they are still available post-launch. It's worth asking, but if not, you can sample it on counter.

Has anyone else tried this yet? What do you think?!


  1. It sounds lovely, you look stunning as always Fleur! x


  2. That bottle is gorgeous! I don't quite get the spatula like on the cap, is it meant to be scooped out? Other than that, looks like a fantastic foundation - love the coverage it gives! :D

    xo Romzs from runbarbierun.com

  3. I would want to try it I need a new foundation

  4. I'm a B30 too and I like this as much as the touché éclat :)


  5. This looks amazing on you! Im not a big fan of foundation but I would love to try this! xx

    BerrieBlogs {beauty blog}

  6. It sounds like a wonderful foundation, and for £30 I actually find it quite a reasonable price considering a little amount goes a long way. Great review :)

    PS: You looked gorgeous on TV, the other week!

    Love, Ana

  7. It sounds so good and looks amazing!


  8. Ahh I cannot wait to buy this!! It looks incredible on you x

    The Sunday Chapter

  9. I'm really intrigued to try this, I love both the Touche Eclat foundation and the Youth Liberator that YSL do so it'd be nice to try them all out!

    Megan / aneclecticaffair.blogspot.com

  10. This sounds right up my street! I am a lover of light foundations too. I will go and get my sample soon!


  11. I love the idea of a lighter foundation during summer so something to think about trying definitely! Hopefully the mini-samples are still available!

    :) http://aprillikes.blogspot.co.uk

  12. This is so gorgeous! Definitely want to give it a try. Your full makeup looks beautiful!

  13. wow looks like fantastic foundation

  14. This looks like a really good foundation. :) x


  15. The bottle/applicator thing looks a lot like the bottle on the new Maybelline Dream Wonder Foundation.... which is also owned by L'Oreal... hmmm... lol

  16. As a makeup artist I was lucky enough to try this before being launched but someone like me with an oily skin type I don't think it's a winner.I think for people who have normal to dry skin this would be great. x

  17. This product looks great! Im always on the hunt for good non greasy foundation and this seems like a winner. I cant wait to get my hands on one!:)


  18. Lovely photos Fleur! May have to buy this and give it a try :)

  19. Have heard such amazing things about this foundation and it looks absolutely stunning on you - the colour match is perfect! :) xx

    Brenda | www.brendabusybee.blogspot.com

  20. I'd love to give this foundation a try if it's available for my complexion tone. I'm partial to semi-matte foundations and a long-lasting wear is always a plus for me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Fleur!

    - Amanda | The Chic Counsel

  21. That spatula looks similar to the applicator on the Maybelline Dream Wonder foundation. I know they probably aren't similar products in the least, but packaging always piques my interest. Good photos for this review!

  22. Looks so pretty and I love the packaging on this one!

    Sam xo sjmcdf

  23. Oh this sounds super nice. Great to know there's some bigger brands launching 'mattifying' foundations again - god send of us oily skinned gals! Must give this a go!

    XO, G from grace'd

  24. I think this foundation is right up my alley. I need it in my life !

  25. wow looks lovely xx


  26. Ooh I'm on the hunt for a new foundation, and would quite like to try a high end one. This looks good, but I think I have a far more pinkish undertone than you, which can make finding foundations a bit more difficult. Definitely heading to a YSL counter to try it out though!

    Ellie Rose

    1. Have you tried the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua one? I got colour matched the other day and it was lovely! They also gave me a tester - about 4/5ml!

  27. I've been dying to get hold of this ever since I spotted Cara in their ad. Love how it looks, even though your skin is absolutely flawless without the foundation (serious bare skin envy going on here). Must go to Debenhams ASAP.

    9 out of ten | find and follow me on bloglovin

  28. I got a sample of this last weekend and I was instantly in love, it's such a great formula! xxx Thou Shalt Not Covet

  29. Looks beautiful on you Fleur! Would love to try this!

  30. I am really excited to try this! I'm always on the lookout for lightweight foundations that also offer good coverage. Looks lovely on you :)



  31. Looks like such an extravagant and lovely foundation!


  32. I love the look of this foundation, it sounds so nice! x

    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

  33. This looks so good, and the packaging looks pretty great too.

    Jess x

  34. I was a fan of their Touche Eclat foundation but always found it didn't last the day, so will have to try this!

    Sasha Monday | Beauty Blog x

  35. It would be interesting to see how this is with combination-dry skin, i'm definately going to give this a try!

    Lou xx

  36. Looks beautiful. x


  37. I'm so glad you like it. Might have to look into this :)

    Bf Gf Does Blogging

  38. YSL packaging always makes me want it regardless what it is! It looks lovely on you x

    tmzn loves x

  39. I really want to try this foundation! May have to pop into boots! x

    Gegsy Lifestyle & Fashion Blog

  40. This looks like a foundation I would like. I always go for light coverage foundation that is moisturising!

    Nivii x
    Nivii's Diary | UK Fashion Blog

  41. The coverage looks ideal, especially for winter, but touché éclat foundation will take a huge amount of beating!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  42. It looks so lovely! :)

    xx Sierra

  43. I wish I had a YSL near me LMFAO I love samples :) I think light foundations look amazing on Fleur too :)

  44. wow! so beautiful on. need to test this! thanks for a great review Fleur! xx. gigi. www.gigikkitchen.com

  45. Nice and complete review as always Fleur! The finish is lovely! I did not know about the free 7-day trial pots, I will have a look! xo, Alexandra
    Glam O’Clock | Beauty Blog

  46. your skin looks flawless!

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  47. Great post love! Your reviews are always awesome

    Jennos Health.

  48. This sounds like a great foundation!

    Hannah x


  49. Lovely review Fleur, I'm glad they have a good selection of colours! Can't wait to try it :)



  50. Lovely review :) It sounds gorgeous and looks perfect on you :)

  51. Wow! I will make sure to test this out... it seems so lovely. I just filmed a tutorial for the perfect classic fall makeup look that features only drugstore products. Here it is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdGWkC_jPx8

  52. I really like how this foundation looks, you look fresh faced but obviously the foundation has given coverage. I'll be asking around if the free trial is still on!


  53. Loving that foundation! You look stunning Fleur♥xo

    >Beauty & Fashion Blogger<

  54. I don't really get the dropper either. Looks great on you regardless

    My Most Coveted| A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  55. Great review! The foundation looks amazing on you! Also your mascara does wonders for your lashes! Which mascara do you use?

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