Friday, 7 November 2014

Win a Trip to Australia with Aussie & Movember!

In case you missed my brand new beauty video, I wanted to do a little post on here to let you all know about a SUPER exciting collaboration I'm doing with Aussie and Movember this month!

You can check out all the details in my video below, or read on for all the info!
Aussie are the first female sponsors of Movember. I know what you're thinking... "but girl's can't DO Movember Fleur, surely we can't get involved?!" Well, that's where you're wrong!
Whilst all the Mo-Bros out there are proudly nurturing their upper-lip fuzz, Aussie are encouraging their ladies (Mo SISTAS!) to get involved too by creating their very own 'Misstache'! You've all done it before I'm sure, and it only takes a few seconds... hold your hair over your top lip to create a faux tasche, then style, snap and share it to help raise awareness for men's health charities, as well as having a bit of a giggle at the same time!

What's more, Aussie are also giving away a TRIP TO AUSTRALIA to one of you lucky people if you get involved! All you need to do to enter is share your best 'Misstache' snap in the comments of the dedicated post on their Facebook page (HERE) with '#Misstache for #Movember'. I'll be judging the best one based on how unique and fun your snap looks, but also for how skilful you've been to create the picture (you loose points for visable hands!) and how healthy your hair looks.

If you're struggling for inspiration, here are some of my personal favourite moustaches from throughout the ages...
You can find the full terms and conditions on the Aussie Facebook page (HERE), but you do have to be over 18 and based in the UK and Ireland to enter. Entry closes at midnight on 30th November!

*This post is sponsored by Aussie.


  1. Haha what a cute way to raise awareness! Good luck to everyone entering :)

    Bf Gf Does Blogging

  2. Great Post! :D

  3. I like your blog! Nice post!


  4. Too stinkin cute! I have always wanted to go to Australia! That would be so awesome!

    Xo, Erica

  5. I was super excited...Until I read it's only for UK based people. Oh well. I still love ya Fleur and I will help support Movember through my nails and maybe a photo..

    Please check my nail art blog and youtube channel it would mean a lot to me getting more people to support my randomness :)

  6. I find it funny that even though they call the brand "Aussie" you can even find it anywhere here is Australia.

  7. Awesome! Come and visit me here in Australia!!

  8. great video! I always want to travel to Australia!
    Modern Beauty Girl
    Other Modern Girl

  9. Australia is amazing!

  10. This is such a cool idea and a great way to raise awareness about important matters. Australia isn't too bad either, being an Aussie myself that is! x

  11. Lovely video, and great post!

  12. This is such a great giveaway, and all for such an important cause x

  13. I really want to enter this, but what about us gals with short hair? It's not long enough to pull around my face.... :(

    Maria Flan

  14. Ahh sounds like such a great trip!

  15. Such a great concept! I would absolutely love to visit Australia!! Shame I am sadly only 16 and therefore can't enter however good luck to everyone who does :)

  16. This is a really cool post! I don't think I would enter just because I'm TERRIFIED of flying and I don't like travelling very much, but the misstache thing is amazing XD
    <3 katie

  17. Love this

    check me out

  18. One day I am going to Australia its on my bucket list !!

  19. I have just entered this, this prize is amazing thanks for telling us about it! Would love to go to Australia! Em xx


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