Monday, 10 May 2010

Handbag SOS!

I came across a fabulous service recently. When I noticed a nasty oil stain had magically appeared on my three week old Balenciaga, I was a little distressed to say the least! After the local dry cleaner told me he wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot barge pole, and that my only chance was taking it down to London for a ‘VERY expensive’ repair, I took to Google…

Lo and behold, I found a fantastic looking specialist called ‘The Furniture Clinic’. Now don’t let their name fool you, these lovely people will clean stains, marks, dirt, the lot, off any kind of leather goodies, including handbags (especially good for those worn-out old Mulberry Roxannes’s I think ladies!) Just check out their image gallery HERE to see some of their fabulous work.

So after a chat to a nicely spoken man on the phone, I apprehensively packed off my little pride and joy and handed it over to Royal Mail (gulp!).

Stupidly I didn’t take a ‘before’ photo of my bag (I think I was too depressed!) but it came back in perfect condition within a week!

The stain WAS on the bottom right-hand corner and was about 5cm in diameter (smack bang in the middle of this picture!)

The service wasn’t cheap at £70, but I think it was justified seeing as I bagged this little beauty for the highly reduced price of £400 (RRP £1595!).

I’m thinking of sending some of my others for a little TLC sometime soon I think!

So what do you reckon, Will you be sending your precious designer goodies off for a re-vamp anytime soon!?

If you’d like to see the other handbags in my collection, I have a video up on my YouTube Channel HERE.

Check out the Furniture Clinic Website for more information and a personalised quote!

Fleur xx



  1. thast is a gorgeous bag! I must say you were pretty damn brave to give it off like that!

  2. wow! good as new :)
    handbags are one of my weaknesses hehe
    cannot resist! Is mulberry your favourite handbag brand? xxxx
    please check out my blog anyone :$ :) xx

  3. haha i love how you tell stories :)

  4. I wish I had a handbag worthy of such a service! The layout is cute btw, I see you've been beautifying it since your last post. I hope you'll be a regular blogger. xxxx

  5. Yup, some things are best left up to the experts. You did the right thing! Nice blog, just started following ya. :)

  6. this sounds so good, thank you my roxanne and luella bag have so many stains will enquire tomorrow!

  7. Hey Fleur I'm so glad you started a blog! Gives me something else to read while I'm eating my brekkie hehe :)
    That company does a great job I checked the website out and I especially like the recolors! If only I had a designer handbag in the first place haha xx

  8. I love that bag, I have a Louis Vuitton speedy bag which is looking a little tatty so I will enquire into this.


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