Thursday, 13 May 2010

Natural, Affordable Hair Care?

So I really couldn’t believe my eyes when a little email arrived in my inbox asking me to a drinks party / hair ‘workshop’ at the private flat of celebrity hairdresser Andrew Collinge last week.

To cut a long story short, I drove my little tush all the way down to London (the event was conveniently held on the same day as the Sleek make up event, so I managed to kill two birds with one blow of the hefty carbon footprint that my car leaves when driving the 4 hours to London and back!)

A little apprehensive arriving in Kings Cross with the lovely Milly and Fei, we were pleasantly surprised to be welcomed with open arms by Andrew Collinge himself, given a large glass of rose and some tasty sushi – this really was too good to be true.

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the informality of the whole experience. I was even lucky enough to have Andrew Style my hair into a gorgeous fishtail plait (which I didn’t ever want to take out!).

We all left with a big smile on our faces, a whole bunch of hair goodies and (for me personally) a whole lot wiser about hair care and styling. I’ve always been one of those people whose hair just does what it wants to, I always wear it the same, but I like it that way so I’ve never been too bothered about taming its wayward ways.

The one hair care problem I do suffer from however, is an exceptionally sensitive scalp. Put my hair within a meter of Herbal Essences and my scalp starts to itch. I was therefore thrilled to be given some of Andrew Collinge’s new ‘Purity’ range. Having had to resort to expensive ‘natural’ brands like Aveda and Burts Bees to sooth my sensitive scalp in the past, the possibility of a natural equivalent with a high street price tag is the best hair news I’ve heard in a while.

The purity range isn’t 100% natural, they’ve just replaced all the unnecessary chemicals with natural alternatives and used more eco-friendly, recycled packaging. So you're meant to get all the performance, but none of the chemical nasties. Sounds good, no? It smells great too – naturally tropical!

Currently testing (with my fingers crossed!)

Will let you know how it goes!

Fleur xx

The Andrew Collinge Purity range, and the rest of his hair care collection is available from Superdrug and Tesco in the UK, and all items are priced at around £5

A special thank you to Milly of Pearls and Poodles for the photos :) x



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  2. That's so cool! How do you do a fishtail plait? x

  3. I love it, I was just going to do a blog post about how to do the fishtail braid, and I see this! Im loving your posts! xoxo

  4. Wow, Very Lucky and your hair looks great! Looking forward to the update on the hair products too :) xx

  5. I wish I could do fishtail plaits on myself, but I've tried and its so incredibly tricky I gave up! Your photo has inspired me to give it another go though. Can't wait to see if the range is any good, I love the idea of a more natural hair care system, but all the ones I've tried weren't really up to it! xox

  6. love the plait! i can't do braids of ANY kind to save my life. i've even tried watching instructional videos online, but no luck!
    you should do a hair video soon :)


  7. That's amazing!! Love the plait! It's si hard to do a nice plait on ones hair especially if it's not long enough.

    Also loved your post on the Chanel polish. I bought it a couple of weeks ago in Particuleur as I had a little makeover done at the Chanel counter and lord the colour. In fact u reminded me to blog about it! The colour u have is gorgeous!


  8. Very Lucky.. Gorgeousss hair lovee the plait..

  9. Your plait was so beautiful. How long did you manage to keep it in for? X

  10. Woah that it so pretty :) I wish i could do that! Love your new blog! xx

  11. What a day, sounds like two fab events and that plait looks so pretty!

  12. wow i love this hairstyle, you're very talented^^
    drey jewelry.


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