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An Exciting Package From My Favourite YouTuber: MissGlamorazzi

So it is a total understatement to say that I was excited when the post arrived today. I have been eagerly awaiting a little package from my friend Ingrid (aka MissGlamorazzi on YouTube) for a couple of weeks and when it arrived this morning, i was nothing short of speechless.

I have never been one of those people who is totally trusting of the internet. I always used to think of the negative things that could happen from putting yourself 'out there' and making videos for all of the world to see. However, 'meeting' Ingrid changed my perspective hugely. I realised that you can meet real, genuine friends on YouTube. Even though we've never met I count her amongst my friends, which is quite an odd concept when you think about it. If you watch my videos on YouTube you may already know that Ingrid and I have exchanged a few packages over the last few months, but her latest one really knocked me for six.

Having popped a few little Barry M goodies in the post to her a few weeks ago I was gobsmacked (and hugely embarrassed!) to open my little package today to see that she had splashed out big time, and seemed to have purchased an entire NARS counter!

OK, so by now you're probably thinking 'skip to the end' so I'll do just that. Below you will see a little run down of all the fabulous goodies she so kindly sent me. I'm totally unfamiliar with NARS, while it is Ingrid's all time favourite brand, so I really can't wait to try all these gorgeous products.

So without further ado... Prepare to be in awe...

It being such a gloriously sunny day today, I thought it was only appropriate to take to the great outdoors for a little photoshoot!

Starting with non-NARS, I was thrilled to receive a full size of the fabulous Stila Major Lash mascara that Ingrid had previously sent me a sample of, but I was unable to find in the UK!

I was also really exited about these two nail polishes: OPI's 'Samoan Sand', the perfect nude colour and OPI for Sephora's 'Mermaid to Order', a beautiful metallic blue-green (Just like a mermaids tail obviously!)
If you are familiar with Ingrid's video's you may also recognise the gorgeous knuckleduster-style three stone ring that she wears a lot. I was so excited to see that she'd also sent me the same ring (yey, we can match!) and that it is even more pretty in real life than on film.

I don't think that's my hands 'best angle', but the ring is gorgeous!

So moving on to the NARS products. I'm not really sure there are words to describe how generous she was, so I'll leave it to the photos!

(L-R) Blush in Deep Throat, Eyeshadow in Lola Lola, Eyeshadow in Ashes to Ashes, Sheer Glow Foundation in Mont Blanc, Lipstick in Roman Holiday, Lip Gloss/Stain Duo in Turkish Delight/Sayonara.

So Firstly... The Foundation.
Having heard so much about the NARS Sheer Glow foundation on YouTube i've been itching (not literally) to try this (FYI this was the only thing Ingrid was meant to be sending me - That's how naughty she is with presents - too generous!)

Lip product swatches (Clockwise): Roman Holiday, Sayonara, Turkish Delight

I was very surprised by the texture of the Lipstick actually, it's very moisturising and the colour is quite sheer, so although it's bright it is very wearable and pretty!

Powder Swatches (top to bottom): Deep Throat, Lola Lola, Ashes to Ashes.

All of these are so beautiful! I'm especially excited about deep throat which is a gorgeous pale pink with a teeny tiny bit of golden shimmer.

And of course, Woof couldn't wait to get in on the camera action. She has a thing about the camera and make up so she was understandably very excited and kept trying to steal the packaging!

So this has been my longest blog post to date - I hope you made it to the end! I really cannot say thank you enough times to Ingrid for her very generous gift but I can say that she's in deep trouble for going so overboard yet again, and that her punishment will be another package from me winging its way to her very soon!

If you'd like to a see a review of any of these products then do let me know. If you haven't already watched and subscribed to Ingrid's videos on YouTube, then go and check them out. Seriously, this girl is going to be HUGE! She's so sweet, informative and a genuine pleasure to watch (oh and she's gorgeous too, just to top it all off!)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend,

Fleur xx

You can purchase NARS cosmetics from


  1. Wow, lucky duck!
    haha i love how you swatched them in hearts :)
    so cute!

  2. Wow - what a wonderful package to receive :D Also Woof is far too cute :D x

  3. @Holly GoLightly I know, I'm blown over! And I got the heart swatch idea from JenniferRosellen - she get's all the credit for the cuteness! :)

  4. WOWW, soo lucky to recieve such a beautiful package..

  5. That must have been such an amazing surprise! Ive never tried NARS but the swatches looks really nice!

    Lisa xx

  6. i love everything she got you :) the heart swatches are adorable.


  7. Ingrid is such a sweetie. You must have been so overwhelmed! Looked like you had a really nice day outside, I'm so jealous of the weather! Why isn't it this nice where I am?! xox

  8. omg she sounds like a sweetheart!!!!!!! you received a ton of amazing stuff!!! xx

  9. Just started watching Ingrid's channel, definitely already hooked! xx

  10. Aww gorgeous little Woof again. Cant wait to see a nars tutorial Fleur! xxx

  11. Wow a generous package indeed! I'm only just getting into Nars and I love their stuff xox

  12. Wow, you are so lucky to get all this! I cant wait to get the Nars sheer glow! Cant wait to here your thoughts on it! xx

  13. wow! what amazing gifts! the eyeshadow in ashes to ashes looks especially nice! :) xxx

  14. Fleur fantastic photography :-)
    Loved how you incorporated our sunny UK weather, we can prove it doesn't always rain now.
    Great swap. She's fabulous and I've been watching Ingrid for a while on Youtube too.
    Nars is one brand I don't own yet but I would love to get my hands on their foundation one day :-)

  15. @Sammi Thanks so much! My boyfriend splashed out on a Canon 550D a while ago as he's really into photography and I'm just learning how to use it! I think I could get hooked on taking photos too now! :) You should try NARS - have been playing with all the stuff today and it's so lovely! especially the blush!

  16. OOOh what a nice surprise in the mail :) I can't wait to see a video of it all in action! I own NO NARS at all! That has to change soon... haha


  17. Lucky girl !! Great photos,and I have OPI samoan sand its my fav :)
    Love your blog and youtube <3

    xoxo Ari

  18. How lucky! I loved all the products that she sent you. Loved the lipstick colors and the nail polishes! Enjoy :)

  19. Ooh, how nice for you. And I love the way you swatched the lipsticks xx

  20. I love the way that you swatched the lipstick and drew little hearts! :)
    Hope you (and Woof) have oodles of fun playing with all those goodies...that's if she didn't run off with anything!

  21. OH MY GOSH! That's a lot of lucky girl!!! xxx

  22. Ahhhh, Nars. I had been meaning to ask you what you thought about it, but is seems MAC is your fave. You will have to give us your verdict when your life settles down after "Uni". (as if that will happen!)

    Best of Luck on your exams!!!

  23. wow that's an amazing collection of goodies...looking forward to reading/ seeing what you think of them x

  24. I'd love to see a review of Lola Lola - just watched a video of Ingrid's raving about it as one of her favourite every day shadows! My complexion os more similar to yours than hers so was wondering if it would suit paler skins too. Thanks!x

  25. Wow, all those NARS products and sunshine:) Mermaid to order looks the perfect colour for sunny days.
    Roman Holiday looks very me and one of my fave films too!!

  26. Wow! That is an amazing package! She is so lovely and I think she can see you are just as lovely, so sent you those amazing gifts! So, what is the verdict on the Nars Sheer Glow?? :D Love the ring too! xxx

  27. fleur!
    do you think Nars' Orgasm Blush is universally appealing to all skin types?

    also check out my new fashion and beauty blog please :)


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