Wednesday, 2 March 2011

OPI Do Nail Wraps

Unless you're a hermit, you will have noticed that every man and his dog currently seems to be launching some kind of nail wrap, sticker, or as OPI have decided to label their own take on the trend 'app'.

That's right, OPI have jumped on the band wagon and are releasing twelve 'Nail Apps'. My initial response to hearing such news went something along the lines of 'oh not another one' but upon seeing the designs, I have to say they are a fresh new take on the trend.

OPI's selection of nail wraps doesn't include any of your standard glitter or chome finishes, but quirky designs including hearts, stars, paisley, argyle and even a set entitled 'Jump' which features figures 'jumping' in different poses... certainly unique! The let down design of the set for me is the tiger print, but I think their originality with the other designs more than makes up for this.

Another feature of the nail wraps that caught my attention is the fact that you don't have to heat them as with some other wraps, only rub them for a few seconds to heat them up, making them even quicker and easier to apply!

The one downside? As expected from OPI, they don't come cheap. At £13.80 a set they won't break the bank, but will certainly make a dent!

What do you think girls? Will you be trying any of these out? I personally have my eyes on the heart ones for the summer time - so cute!

OPI Nail Apps are available now from


  1. They are lovely, I particularly like 'Crazy Daisy' and 'Magic Garden'. Don't think I can justify spending that much unless a special occasion crops up! Fingers crossed for a special occasion hey! xx

  2. Loving the Argyle and Magic Garden. I probably would buy for a special occasion. They'd certainly be a talking point :)

  3. They look great, but kinda pricey considering you can get their nail lacquers on Amazon for about £7.. a good idea for going on holidays though :)

  4. The patterns are so bold... maybe to bold for me. Fingers crossed they come out with some other designs. I wonder how easy they really are to apply and how long they last... I'll have to keep my eye out for these, they look pretty cool.



  5. Cute and new ideas. I would love to try them out.!


  6. These are amazing! A little expensive. Definitely going to try them, though.

  7. I definately would like to try those, Since in canadian money tahts like $20... EEP! :)


  9. They are definatly pretty. I love the "crazy daisy" and "argyle" but at that price will not be trying them out. I've watched a couple of YT reviews on the sally hansen and Broadway (i think?) but i know one problem was the sizes, or lack of enough different sizes, so at that price will skip these oh so pretty nail apps.

  10. Hearts and Inferno are lovely but think a bit too pricey for me and the wear you get out of them...

  11. I'd love to try these but they are definitely pricey! very creative though OPI always have their own niche in this type of thing, loving magic garden and skulls!


  12. i love these! ive bought so many patterns, infact they encouraged me to stop biting my nails haha i could never stop for normal nail polish but when these bad boys came out, i just had to. And it wa so worth it!

    love it


  13. I'm loving Peacock and Inferno. They are a bit pricy for me. How I wish I had all the money in the world to spend on cosmetics.


  14. soo great...
    I think I will try them...
    "crazy daisy" is great :)
    hope they deliver to germany ;)

    xxx hedi

  15. they are amazing! enter me please:)

  16. I think the hearts are the only ones I'd be brave enough to try, cute idea though :)

  17. I love the magic garden one! Do you know how long the last for? x

  18. Uuu, I love the ''Stars Align'' but I'm not sure I'll be trying them out. I would love to but they're too expensive in my opinion...


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