Friday, 1 July 2011

How to Get The 'Perfect' (Kate Middleton) Blow Dry

On Tuesday I was invited to Richard Ward's super-exclusive King's Road salon to learn how to get 'The Perfect Blow Dry'.

Richard Ward, as most of you may well know, is 'king' of the blow dry. His team are responsible for styling the most envied mane of the moment, none other than the Duchess of Cambridge.

Kate has been getting her fabulously glossy, flowing locks coiffed at Richard Ward for a while now and during my visit, Richard divulged his very own top twelve tips for the perfect blow dry, and it would be cruel not to share them with you...

1. For minimum frizz, hair should be 70% wet.

2. Use a high wattage, professional hair dryer with a nozzle to control air direction and a hot, warm and cool shot selection.

3. Comb through roughly with a medium-toothed comb made of carbon or hard rubber with rounded teeth to prevent splitting.

4. Always comb from roots to ends to avoid damage.

5. Use a radial brush with real bristles. The diameter of the barrel should equal the depth of the hair section being dried, which should also be the same width as the bristle section of the brush.
6. Holding your dryer underneath the section of hair creates movement and body, holding it above creates sleekness.

7. When brow drying the mid-lengths, always point the nozzle down to flatten the cuticle and create shine.

8. Always position you hair dryer 15cm away from the hair to minimise heat damage.

9. When moving the dryer down the hair shaft, always position the nozzle behind the brush.

10. Split your hair into four sections: Nape to crown (left and right), ear to crown (left and right) Start drying at the bottom of each section, working upwards.

11. Use the cool shot button to fix each section before removing the brush, or leave the brush in the section while the hair cools to help set your style.

12. Never brush wet hair. Always use a wide-toothed comb after washing to reduce damage.

Somehow, I don't think my at-home skills will be able to perfectly re-create Kate's famous style... but I'll definitely give it a go!

Richard Ward also has his own line of products to help get perfect, glossy hair. I'm going to be giving them a road test over the next few weeks to see if they can get me any closer to hair a la Kate... I'll keep you posted! The line is currently available from QVC online.

July is QVC's 'Beauty Month' so keep an eye on their website for some exciting, beauty-related activity! (I may also be making a little appearance...)


  1. Great tips, Fleur! I didn't know about the 70% dry part. Thanks for sharing :)

    I'm a huge fan of yours!


  2. i love Kate's hair, i think it is gorgeous but i don't think mine will ever look like that no matter how hard i try lol :D

  3. I just got a new dryer so maybe I'll try these tips out! Great post :)

    <3 Sidd

  4. Wow! What a great invitation to receive! You are very lucky. This is excellent advice and Princess Catherine does have beautiful hair. My sister is a very successful hairdresser over here in the states. I can never replicate her blow drying technique even when I take her advice step by step. It just always looks so much better when she does it for me. Her biggest advice about blow drying is never use a round brush on wet hair and also point the dryer downwards towards the hair shaft so the hair cuticle closes while it's being dried. Otherwise, the result is going to be frizzy hair. That's the part of I struggle with when I blow dry my hair because it's hard to do from certain angles.

  5. Great tips. I'm so lazy with blowdrying my hair but really should attempt it as I'd love for my hair to look even a tiny bit as good as Kate's! x

  6. Thanks for sharing! How nice is it to have the same hairdresser as Kate!

  7. I was so excited to read this post! Thanks so much Fleur! I've been dying to know how the Duchess achieves such a great look. I also doubt my at-home skills are up to par, but I'll give it a shot.

  8. Ah thanks...please keep us posted on how you find the products. I have had my eye on them but have read mixed reviews so interested to see what you think xx

  9. 2. Use a high wattage, professional hair dryer with a nozzle to control air direction and a hot, warm and cool shot selection. 3. Comb through ...


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