Friday, 1 July 2011

Top 10 'British Beauties': Number 10

As part of their 'Beauty Month' of July, QVC are announcing a list of their top 100 'British Beauties': the most beautiful British women of all time.

I'm really excited to be collaborating with with them to upload a makeup tutorial for each of the top 10. I'm going to be posting the inspiration pictures for each of the looks on here throughout the month.

Number 10 is... Twiggy!

I'm sure everyone is familiar with Twiggy's Iconic makeup look. Pure 60's!

Click HERE to watch my tutorial.


  1. Love Twiggy, she made short haired girls everywhere be proud back then and inspired a generation :) She's still amazing!

  2. i love twiggy, she is amazing, and has aged so well, she still looks gorgeous :D

  3. I loved your tutorial :D

    Can't wait for the other 9!

    Lois xx

  4. Twiggy is so pretty! Love the look you made

  5. Twiggy is so cute :) your tutorial is great, excited to watch the rest!

  6. can't wait for the other tutorials ♥


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