Thursday, 5 November 2015

Simple Micellar Wipes

When I used Micellar Water for the first time a few years ago, it was somewhat of a eureka moment for me. I had struggled to find the 'perfect' makeup remover for years and suddenly seemed to have the answer... an affordable, quick, easy solution that meant I didn't have to spend ages trying to get my mascara off at night. So when Simple (who make my favourite high street micellar option) extended their range to include Micellar wipes recently, it was a total game changer... FINALLY!
The wipes are pre-soaked with Simple's Micellar cleansing water, so are a great addition to my skincare routine as they allow me to have all the benefits of the normal micellar water, but on-the-go...

There's quite a lot of snobbery around the use of makeup wipes in the beauty world at the moment, but for me personally... I love them and I always have done. I've been a fan of the original Simple makeup wipes for years as they are a lifesaver on planes, trains, on-the-go, on holiday or simply just when you're in a hurry! 
I still use my micellar water when at home, but wipes are always so useful when I'm travelling! They are oil and alcohol free, and also non-drying and non-greasy at the same time so perfect for all skin types. They leave my skin feeling clean, fresh, calm and instantly more hydrated and I think they make a great addition to the Simple line-up!
They come in a pack of 25 for £3.99 and are available now! You can find them online here.

* Sponsored Post: Compensation was provided by Unilever Simple via Mode Media.  The opinions expressed 
herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Unilever Simple. 

"Simple has over 50 years heritage in caring for all skin types, even the most sensitive. Sensitive skin is not a skin type limited to a few people, we can all experience occasions where skin feels dry or irritated, sometimes when we least expect it. All Simple products contain triple purified water and only our purest possible, skin-loving ingredients with no artificial perfumes or colours. Our unique formulation helps to instantly hydrate reducing the potential for irritation. You can trust the natural goodness in all our products to care for even the most sensitive skin."


  1. I love the Micellar water. Definitely need to try the wipes.
    Lots of love from Germany!

  2. I love Micellar water and I love face wipes so this sounds like the perfect product for me! x

  3. Micellar water works so well for me - I'll have to give these wipes a try!

    Lucy |

  4. I haven't used wipes in years and the water is my lifesaver! May have to try these though!

    Hannah | Oh January

  5. Sounds lovely!

  6. I love micellar water so these sound lovely, I think I might purchase them next time I'm in Boots or Superdrug!
    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

  7. Such an interesting idea. Simple keep coming up with great products on a budget :) xx

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  8. Oh my jhezze. I need these. I love micellar water but some times feel like its so much more effort than usual make up wipes. x

    a life of a charlotte

  9. This is perfect as I've been looking for some new wipes! I have been a long term devotee to the Johnson's ones, but I might just give these a go!

  10. I have been meaning to try these, great post

  11. I really want to try these. I love micellar water, and these would be ideal when I'm feeling extra lazy!

    Abby xo

  12. I've always preferred using make-up wipes as I'm way to lazy to bother with faff of liquids and so on. Simple have always been my brand of choice and I've recently started using the micellar water ones too. I love them! Completely agree with feeling fresh and clean afterwards. Would recommend them to anyone :)

    Georgina x | petite thoughts

  13. I've only used the Bioderma Micellar Water but would be interested in trying these in a wipe form!

  14. I agree I hate the snobbery around using face wipes, like there shouldn't be any problem using them in my opinion x

  15. I really like micellar wipes. Unfortunately the simple wipes are not available where I live. But we have Wipes from Garnier. I just posted a similar post on them on my blog.


  16. What a cool idea! Simple is such a great skincare brand. X

    ♥ Carly's Beauty Blog ♥

  17. I've been steering clear of wipes a little but have a noticed a little wipe shaped hole in the exact situations you mention when I really can't lug my entire skin care box with me! Definitely be getting these


  18. I love using makeup removing wipes! These seems really nice x

    Lina /

  19. Simple is, without a doubt, my favourite skincare range! I adore their wipes and the Micellar Water, especially in the mornings when I need something refreshing to wake me up! Can't wait to get my hands on those wipes! ;) x

  20. I'm definitely going to be buying some of these, they sound amazing and so easy! Some nights you just need a quick solution to get to bed quickly without all the pampering and preening of having 7 different steps.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Paige xx

  21. I love these! Have bought them heaps! I don't see why people stick their noses up at wipes, if it works for someone don't make them feel bad about it :/ reminds me I need to pop these on the shopping list! Em xx

  22. These sound amazing! I will definitely give them a try!

    xx, A Little Dose of Makeup

  23. Would love to try these they seem so useful for things like flights or camping/festival trips!

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  24. I can't live without thier toner!! Gotta try this one

    Last summer in LA: www.sincerelyeman.blogspot.con

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  26. I've heard so much about their cleansing wipes. A few of my friends swear by it and really it sounds lovely! x

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  27. That sounds amazing :))

  28. I think it's so sad that Simple isn't being sold in the Netherlands. I would love to try these products out! They soud so good. Thanks for the review <3

  29. Love simple make up wipes!
    Izzy |

  30. Oooh excited to try these as I love Simple and Micellar water so this combo is perfect!

    Olivia Emily Beauty -

  31. Eeeeek! This makes me so excited! I love miceller water, especially Simple's one. Can't wait to try this!
    Eliza Days xxx

  32. I probably go through like tons of those original Simple wipes already. Kinda excited to be trying this next!

  33. I use the Simple Micellar Wipes when I want to remove my makeup before gym. I found that it's the only makeup wipes that doesn't sting my face when I use it.


  34. I love micellar water...I usually use it on a cotton pad but this would be so much easier. I wonder if we have these yet in the U.S....

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  36. I'm a recent convert to micellar water too and I love the sound of these wipes. As you say, perfect for traveling, or as I have recently discovered, cleansing wipes in general are great for your hands after applying foundation! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  37. I haven't used wipes for ageess as I'm not a huge fan of them, but I use Micellar Water all the time so these sound great!

    Charlotte ~

  38. I love the water, haven't tried the wipes yet, I will defiantly have to give them a go!!

  39. I absolutely love micellar water, however I am interested to try the wipes as they really are handy for on the go and may be better than the original simple wipes I currently use.

  40. I will have to try these products, I find the make up wipes I use now are so bad for my skin, it shouldn't sting to take your make up off! So I think I will give this a whirl! Thank you for sharing x

  41. I love Simple's Micellar Water so I am super excited to try these! I've been using quite a few of their products over the last couple of years and the wipes have always been a must have when traveling. Can't wait to try the Micellar version!

    Brittany |

  42. I am going to have to try these for myself ....great blog post !

  43. I always have real trouble finding wipes that aren't harsh on my skin but can remove my waterproof mascara so I will definitely be giving these a try!


  44. I love micellar water! It seems to be the perfect cleanser for my super sensitive skin.
    I haven't tried the Simple one yet, so that may be the next one on my list!

    Beth. x

    Sometimes The Stars

  45. Honesty face wipes do not deserve the bad rep they get! So long as you don't keep them past their open date (usually 3 months) and you don't rub like crazy on your skin, they are absolutley fine!!!! They also give you a bit of exfoliation (light) which is great for skin :)

  46. I lately discovered micellar water from bourjous. Anfd it's so good!
    Much love.

  47. I really love makeup wipes and have used them for as long as I've been wearing makeup. I use the regular Simple ones, as they are the best and taking everything off. If I'm lazy, I often leave it at that, if I'm not, then I'll use the Micellar water - makeup tends to stick around my nose, chin and brows so this makes sure it all comes off! I might try these out, but I'm quite happy with the regular wipes!

    Amanda Jayne

  48. Definitely going to try these out. I haven't used micellar water before, but I've seen you using them for years and I just never picked any up.

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  51. I always keep a pack of these in my gym bag for quick removal of my make-up i've had on all day!

    Sophie x

  52. Should definately try this micellar water and wipes.

  53. I need to try these out they look fab ❤️

  54. I always prefer keeping wipes near my bed. Always lazy to wash my face before sleeping. And i love these! Thanks for sharing!! - a mobile beauty therapy service

  55. Oh these look amazing for on the go. As I'm a Mum sometimes it's good to have a quick wipe at the end of the day rather than a full wash! xxx

  56. Oh! I might have to try these. I tried the original wipes when they first came to the US and found them dry and scratchy (maybe I got a bad batch) but I've heard great things about the Micellar Water so I'll add these to my must-try list!

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  60. Enjoy reading your blog.

  61. I do like the Micellar wipes but the Micellar water is so much nicer! It leaves your skin feeling all tingle-y and refreshed :) x

  62. I think I will try these because after doing blog posts I am always left with makeup swatches all over my hands so these would be useful to remove them.

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