Monday, 23 November 2015

The Best Christmas Candles

Candles are something I get asked about a lot at Christmas time, both by friends and family and by my followers on YouTube and my blog. So today, as I lit a fresh Elemis Spa Light candle (one of my all-time festive favourites!) I thought I'd write a post about the best festive candles out there. Below are twelve of my all time favourites, with a vast range of price tags to accommodate for an array of different budgets.
Clockwise from top left... *If you want to shop online, the image is shop-able, click on any candle to be-redirected to the online shop*

Elemis 'Spa Light'- A delightfully sweet concoction of vanilla, orange and cinnamon, this smells almost exactly like Hot Tamales (yum!) It doesn't burn as evenly as I would like, but it smells so good, I don't care! They change the colour of the glass each year too. £25 Available from all Elemis retailers.

Pommes Frites Candle Co. 'Spruce' - A fresh Christmas tree in a jar. PF Candle Co. are amongst my favourite candles in general, but especially so for their festive scents. They look understated, but their scents and strength rival the more pricey brands. $18 Available from the PF Candle Co. Website (Great UK Shipping)

Tom Dixon 'London' - I have been hooked on this ever since I received one as a birthday gift back in July (which has only just run out) This dark, smokey scent isn't just for Christmas but works especially well in the winter. A great uni-sex choice and the copper and marble jar can be washed and re-used. £55 Available from Selfridges.

Diptyque 'Oliban' - My favourite of the three Diptyque festive scents this year. It's fragranced with resin frankincense, which I'm not normally crazy for, but this smells incredible. £48, but also available in miniature for £28 and as part of a set for £80, from all Diptyque retailers.

Emma Bridgewater 'Joy' - This candle looks cute-as-a-button in it's circular cardboard box and metallic red and gold jar (I love the little foxes too!) It's a delicious christmas concoction of clove and cinnamon, with rose blended in for a softer side. Not the most even burn, but it smells delicious and makes a great gift. £18 available from Emma Bridgewater shops and M&S.

The White Company 'Noir' - Another one that isn't just for Christmas, but is very well suited to this time of year. The White Company's 'Noir' scent is my all time favourite from the brand and contains a blend of amber, mandarin and sandalwood. It's £35 for the standard size, or you can go all out and get a luxury three-wick version for £70, available from The White Company stores and Selfridges.

Jo Malone 'Roasted Chestnut' - The Jo Malone limited edition Christmas candles are always on my wish list, but I've never been lucky enough to get one under the tree (thanks to the £120 price tag!) This one is 600g, so three times the size of the standard candles and has the most gorgeous limited edition festive packaging. The Roasted Chestnut scent is a blend of nutmeg, clove, cinnamon and salted caramel. I wish! £120 available from Jo Malone stores and counters.

Capri Blue 'Volcano'- My current candle of choice for my living room, the Volcano scent is really well known now, but continues to be utterly irresistible. It's a fruity, yet warm mix of sugared citrus, tropical fruits and 'mountain greens' (whatever that means?!). They are available in lots of different sizes and colours, for all budgets. The medium one is £24 and available from Anthropologie.

The White Company 'Winter' - Another classic, this candle simply smells like Christmas in a jar: a spicy blend of cinnamon, clove and orange. The classic design is perfect for clean, minimalistic homes too. £20 available from The White Company.

Diptyque 'Baies Black' - Another year-round candle, but one that I personally adore in winter thanks to it's blackcurrant notes is Diptyque's iconic Baies scent. The black version has a more intense fragrance and is a little bigger than the classic candles (hence it's also a little more expensive). This is a great Christmas gift as it'll keep going well beyond the festive season! £55 available from SpaceNK and Selfridges.

Illume 'Balsam & Cedar' Tin - Another christmas-tree failsafe, you can get the Illume Balsam and Cedar scent in a few different guises, but I personally love the Christmas tin as it's so pretty. £20 available from Amara and Anthropologie.

Next 'Winter' - A more affordable alternative if you don't want to break the bank. This one doesn't burn as evenly as the above selection but the scent of mulberry, plum, amber and pomegranate is gorgeous and it's also available as a room diffuser too. £10 from Next.



  1. Great post Fleur! I wish I could try some of these! Where I live, it's not really a habit to shop for candles, especially the super pricey ones so the supply is poor as well. That's why I have to stick with my beloved Yankee Candle. Have a lovely day! xo

    Klaudia //

  2. I have discovered Wax Lyrical last year around Christmas and loved them.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  3. I need to get the Jo Malone one!! I love a good candle

    Lauren x |

  4. For some reason, no images show up :(

  5. Love posts like these, I'm candle obsessed!


  6. I want to buy all of them! x absolutely love candles

  7. Candles are a staple of every christmas! I always buy way too many! x

    Veganism and why over on -

  8. Love these candles!

    Just a little note I have a NEW blog where I just posted my second part to my weightloss journal and my OOTD for an autumn's day! I would love you to swing by and say hello!

    My new blog: Madison Victoria x

    Thank you xx

  9. Oh my gosh thank you! I'm a huge candle lover.i don't think you have it in the UK but my favorite of all time is the fresh balsam bath and body works candle!
    Kim .. 3 quick and EASY holiday hairstyles!

  10. Such a great choice of candles! I didn't know Next made them, but the price is really good (compared to the Dyptique ones for example, which will never be mine I guess :( ). The Roasted Chestnuts candle by Jo Malone must smell incredible!

    Julia xx
    Last post: my pamper evening essentials! |

  11. Love your selection!

  12. They all look so great!

  13. they all look sooooo nice! but i've tried the diptyque one and it is so DIE FOR. you're bad for my bank fleur!! great post xxx

  14. Yaaaaas I love this post! I'm always looking for new candle recommendations :)
    Ha ha I'm still in the fall mindset though -- I'm burning my pumpkin spice candles at the moment!

    A Northern Light

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  16. OH STOP IT FLEUR. I already have enough as it is!! haha I have to say that the Anthro one is a definite on my Wish List. Not only does it smell great, but it's actually quite large for the price so I think it'll prove quite long lasting. Plus, that packaging! The dream.

    Fabulous post sweetie,
    Hannah x

  17. I love my little Yankee candle collection but can't bring myself to invest in a pricey Diptyque one even though I know they smell divine :) xx

    beauty visions

  18. You can't beat cosy winter nights with all the candles lit! Yankee Candle has always been my fave but these look lovely! x

  19. Wow, what a gorgeous selection of candles. Diptique's limited-edition, christmas scents are always amazing, so I'm hoping I find one under the tree, this year!

    Alice / Alice Grace Beauty


  20. Lovely candles! I love these ones too, great quality and the added bonus of being environmentally friendly! Check em out, Christmas tree candles make a super gift too! Ish xx

  21. Thank you for this; very useful! I REALLY want the Tom Dixon one.. it was on my wedding gift list but I didn't get it!

  22. Loved Oliban! All look great. Thanks for sharing! – a mobile beauty therapy service

  23. I LOVE Christmas candles and Christmas scents!

  24. I need Noir in my life. Partly because I love black, but mostly because.. mostly because it's black and gorgeous.

  25. Have you tried Scandinavisk candles? They have beautiful scented candles. They do a fabulous range for the festive season.

  26. Definitely going to give these a try!!! thank you for sharing

    Sophie |

  27. All of them sound great but I think I'd like the Joy candle best!

  28. Next week I'm going to go crazy when it comes to buying candles and accessories for Christmas so I added some of them to my wish list!

  29. I love the sound of the Elemis one - seems like it would smell amazing! x

  30. The White Company Noir candle sounds incredible! (Although I'd happily take any of these!) x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  31. All of these candles look amazing! Can't wait to try some :) x

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  33. Great post !!!! All of these candles sound amazing 😀

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  35. The Diptyque candle is SO GOOD! I was in Chicago recently and they have a stand alone Diptyque store and it was so incredible and amazing. I must admit, I couldn't convince myself to spend the $80 on a candle.

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  37. the sound like some very nice candles, I have not tried any of these brands I dont think. This Christmas I have been burning Angels Wings by Yankee Candles

  38. i can't tell which candle belongs to which description. can you please number them?


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